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4 Reasons You Should NOT Update Your Software

Do you think keeping your business software updated with the latest features and security patches is a waste of time? If you answered yes, here are 4 likely reasons you think that way.

New Feature Releases. Who needs new features? They make life more complicated. Why can’t things just stay the same and never improve? You are as productive and efficient as you have ever been and there is nothing that would make your work easier or more impactful. Who needs time-saving improvements to your daily work? What would you possibly do with more time on your hands? More work? Who would want that?

Security Patches and Bug Fixes. Your software is 100% perfect and has no issues whatsoever. So why patch it? You expect perfection and you have no reason to believe your software has any flaws, security holes, vulnerabilities, new threat vectors or compatibility issues with other systems. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Also, we know cyber attacks are a hoax and there is no reason to stay on-top of patching software because you will never be a target of cyber criminals. The 2,300,000+ cyber attacks in 2020 (up from 854,000 in 2019) is the end of it, and there is no reason to expect them to continue into 2021. Compatibility with Clients and Vendors. You are a trendsetter. When your Clients upgrade to the latest software and can’t read your older file versions and data, they will be convinced to downgrade and stay on the older software just so they can do business with you. Clients will see your willingness to stay on older, less secure software as being confident and steady and one who does not follow the trends of most successful businesses.

Not updating your software will save you money. Money you need to pay the salaries of your less efficient staff. Money for increased insurance premiums due to security vulnerabilities. And money for sales and marketing to find new Clients to replace the ones who don’t know better and decide to change from you to another more modern Vendor. WAIT, hold on a second! Just to be clear this is a joke and these ARE NOT good reasons to forgo upgrading and patching your software. Our legal council has required us to say that we in no way condone or support the practice of letting your software fall out of date. Doing so opens you up to many threats and vulnerabilities. And we in no way want to be associated with such risky business practices.

Clearly we are trying to make a point here. Which is to ensure you keep your software systems current and up to date. This includes software like;

• Windows on your PC’s and Server’s • Microsoft Office including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint • Accounting Software • Inventory Control Software • Timekeeping and Payroll Software • Firewalls • Antivirus, Malware and Threat Protection Software • CRM and Customer Service Software • Websites • Customer Portals

When the time comes and you are not sure whether to upgrade your systems, give us a call so we can explain in more detail the real-life examples where we have witnessed “non” Clients save a dime today, so they have more money to pay the piper tomorrow when their out of date software causes heartaches.


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