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Initial Purchase

✓ Execute and track marketing and nurture  campaigns that lead to sales engagement

✓ Track sales engagement and conversion

✓ Manage season ticket holder contracts

Event Activity

✓ Attendance tracking data to monitor retention

✓ Customer Service and issue management


✓ Distribute team event invitations, and game day promotions

✓ Promote other facility events


✓ Ticket renewals through personal profile

✓ Ticket holder can manage their personal profile and preferences online

✓ Distribute pregame / preseason exclusive offers

Professional Sports Management

Fan Engagement Solutions for Professional Sports

One place to manage the season ticket holder’s journey

Sponsor Management Solutions for Professional Sports

From sponsorship sales through to the delivery on contract obligations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a centralized system that keeps your sales, marketing and logistics teams running smoothly and efficiently. Your sponsors will be delighted at the speed you are able to coordinate your media assets and ability to demonstrate the sponsorship value with immediate access to proof of performance via an online mobile-friendly web portal.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the tools you need to uncover hidden opportunities in your Sponsor base with its easy-to-use reporting tools. 

Inventory Management

✓ Available inventory, per game, per season, per year

✓ Package inventory into valuable offerings

Contract Management

✓ Multi-year sponsor contract management

✓ Managing exclusive markets

✓ League wide and facility focused contracts

✓ Sales Management

✓ Data for forecasting and reporting

Sponsorship Fulfillment

✓ Coordinate logistics and delivery of contract obligations

✓ Delight Sponsors with proof of performance through an online portal

Ticket Integration Solutions for Professional Sports

It is crucial that your sales team has access to the information they need to be as fast and effective as possible. SylogistService ArchTics integration solution positions your frontline staff to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our integrated Dynamics 365 and ArchTics solution provides a robust sales tool allowing your sales team to manage ticket sales in one platform.

Integration happens in two main ways:

  1. Synchronization of data so you have immediate access to the info you need right inside Dynamics CRM

  2. From Dynamics CRM, ArchTics is one click away with immediate access into a Fan's account 

From Dynamics 365 you are able to see:

Ticketing Data

✓ Including seats purchased, keystone and loyalty data


✓ Based on tickets used on game day

Journal History

✓ Including payment plans


✓ Notes on season ticket holders preferences

Buyer Information

✓ Individual Ticket buyers information

Self Service Web Portal Solutions

Improve your customer's experience with a self service web portal

Increase visibility and flexibility to engage online 24/7 with real-time integration into CRM

Improve Data Quality

✓  Fans and sponsors can keep their profile data current

✓  Improved data quality

View Assets

 ✓ Display the event tickets that fans currently have

✓ Manage Special Event ticket requests

✓ Display contract entitlements and proof of performance for sponsors

Customer Service Feedback

✓ Customer Satisfaction items logged in your CRM, associated to the specific fan or sponsor

✓ Fans and sponsors can log issues, problems, comments

✓ Initiate customer surveys and track responses

Secondary Ticket Sales

✓ Season ticket holders use the portal to resell their unwanted tickets

✓ Reduce fraudulent ticket sales

✓ Track the resale of the tickets, including purchaser and price

✓ Increase targets for season ticket package sales

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