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Managed IT Services

Do you have experts managing your Cyber Security Plans?

SylogistService has experienced Cyber Security professionals that can help you plan, prepare and recover from the cyber threats your company faces everyday.

Email Security

Email Attacks are real, Sophisticated and Costly


Are you concerned about the emails coming into your organization?


You should be!

Email is a common entry point for Cyber Criminals to access your business.  Understanding what's at stake and the best practices for you and your staff could save you a lost of stress and a lot of money.

Cyber Security 101

There is a lot of buzz about Cyber Security and staying on top of everything can be challenging.

Understanding the fundamentals of Cyber Attacks are valuable when making decisions to protect your business.

Network Security

Learn about the 5 Key aspects of securing your network with technology solutions and the services to ensure your systems remain secure.

Effective use of Advanced Threat Detection and Protection, Antivirus Solutions and Firewall Systems is critical for your network health.

Cyber Security

Curious about cyber security but don't know where to start?

Are you unsure if your systems are adequately protected?

Do your staff make questionable decisions when it comes to email activity?

Do you need a cyber security company to help you navigate your digital safety?


Learn more about cyber security and the technology and services your business needs to keep your data safe.

Ready to get started?

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