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Azure Infrastructure

Azure Infrastructure or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a fancy way of saying virtual servers and network infrastructure virtually hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Never worry about having to buy or upgrade a physical server again.  Simply turn a virtual dial to increase server capacity or performance.

  • Remove the possibility of having hardware fail and waiting days for replacement components to arrive.

  • Pay for what you use.  Need more Server capacity this month because you closed a new project?  No problem.  When the project is over, reduce the server capacity and your cost.

  • Take advantage of the $1,000,000,000 (yes that is one billion dollars) Microsoft spends on securing and protecting their/your Azure Infrastructure.

Azure for Data Backup

Off-site data backup is a critical part of your data security plan.  With Azure for Data Backup you can grow and scale your data backup needs quickly and easily, while only paying for what you use.

  • Unlimited ability to scale you off-site backup capacity.

  • Manage your data from a secure console.

  • Secure your backups with granular permissions and authentication rules.

Azure App Services

Securely and efficiently deliver critical software applications using Azure App Services.  Whether it is a large mission critical software system or a small automated business process, using Azure App Services you can forgo the overload of running and managing a server and the related infrastructure.

  • Scale the application with the growth of your needs.  Pay for what you use.

  • Get rid of unused and inefficient server capacity.

  • Secure your applications with Azure Web Application Firewall.

Azure SQL Database Service

No longer do you need the expensive overhead required to store and manage your data.  With Azure SQL Database Services you can store, access and analyze your data in the Cloud without the complications, costs and restrictions of legacy on-premise systems.

  • Easily migrate your existing SQL Server databases to Azure.

  • Never worry about on-premise server capacity or performance again.

  • Leverage Azure's analytical and AI tools to uncover rich information from your data.

Microsoft Azure

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