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IT Department Augmentation

Are you considering a strategic IT initiative to improve your operational efficiency? Are you concerned that your internal IT Department might not have the experience to deliver the initiative effectively?

At, our Team of experienced professionals are often brought in to help internal IT Departments with large or unique projects, even when an IT team is in place.

We offer a very successful model where you get to use the skills and expertise of our Team to supplement the great skills of your internal IT team.

Why bring in an external Team temporarily to help with a project?


• Your IT Department is likely busy keeping your system running smoothly and are focused on maintaining your daily operations. • Our job is to execute the project or initiative quickly and with as little interruption possible, so your IT Department stays focused on regular systems support.

Breadth of Knowledge

• Your IT Department is skilled at handling your daily business systems needs, managing your applications, servers and supporting users. • Our Team is skilled at deploying new IT systems and applications. It is our Teams job to come to the table with the knowledge to properly, securely and quickly deploy new technology and cloud strategies. We then hand things over to your IT Department so they can do what they do best. Designing and building a house is very different than managing and maintaining a house.

Experience and Repeatability

• Your IT Department might be very capable and skilled at keeping your systems running smoothly, but how many times has your team executed a system migration to the cloud or architected an Azure deployment plan? Likely never, as it usually only happens once! • Our Team takes care of these projects and initiatives on a regular basis. We are not

learning on the job, we have the skills and experience to deliver these quickly and effectively. Do you want someone to learn how to swap out a fuse panel in your home for the first time? Likely not, you hire a professional and then manage the breakers yourself.

Planning for What’s Possible

• Your IT Department knows the needs of your business and how to run your system. Are they honed up on the latest technology and familiar with the breadth of options available? • Our Team can help you understand what is possible. Our hands on experience with proven cutting-edge technology means you get insight into what is possible without having to do a lot of research, learning and trial and error.

IT projects and initiatives can vary from;

• moving your email from an on-premise system to the Cloud • changing from five physical servers to a Hyper V setup with multiple virtual servers • moving some of your servers to the Cloud such as Azure • implementing new preventative security technologies such as Advanced Threat Protection or Data Loss Prevention

These types or projects require knowledge of the latest protocols, best practices and available options. Why not use a Team that has done it before successfully? Drop us a line if you want to learn more about how we can augment your IT Department and help move some of your IT initiatives from the To Do list to the Done list.


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