Email Security in your Business

Email Attacks are Real, Sophisticated and Costly.

Are you concerned about the emails coming into your organization? You should be!

Email security is no longer JUST about preventing excessive spam and viruses. The attacks are real, they are sophisticated and they are costly.
Nearly every day there is a new story about malware, and a lot of it is Ransomware, which can cost you dearly.

Email Security

According to data from the Ponemon Institute 2015 study specifically focusing on the cost of data breaches, the average cost of a breach is $3.8 million and for every record stolen, the cost is $154.  Can your organization weather this kind of loss for something that can be averted?

All businesses need to ensure the sensitive information relayed over email communication and your corporate email accounts are secure, taking the necessary actions to protect against unauthorized access, data loss or account compromise.

Email security is both a constant concern and top priority for all businesses today. There is a need for robust data protection capabilities with a comprehensive layer of defence protecting your business against ransomware, email account compromise, phishing and other email-borne threats.

Email is a popular medium where malware, spam and phishing attacks are commonly spread, using deceptive messages to entice recipients to divulge sensitive information, open attachments, or click on hyperlinks that install malware on the victim’s device, and network. Attackers commonly use email to gain a foothold in an enterprise network and breach valuable company data. 

The threat is real. Do not be misinformed with a false sense of security. SMB’s are not too small to be targeted.

So what's next? 

Email Security Solution  Email Security Solutions for your Business

Find out what to look for in an Email Security Solution for your Business, to ensure you are adequately protected. 

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Email Security Best Practices  Email Security Best Practices

Email Security comes down to two crucial elements: employee education and comprehensive security protocols.

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