Email Attacks are Real, Sophisticated and Costly

Are you concerned about the emails coming into your organization? You should be!

Email security is no longer JUST about preventing excessive spam and viruses. The attacks are real, they are sophisticated and they are costly. Nearly every day there is a new story about malware, and a lot of it is Ransomware, which can cost you dearly.

According to data from the Ponemon Institute 2015 study specifically focusing on the cost of data breaches, the average cost of a breach is $3.8 million and for every record stolen, the cost is $154.  Can your organization weather this kind of loss for something that can be averted?

Advanced Threat Detection provides a layer of security for your corporate email by opening emails, including attachments and website links within the content, inside a cloud-based "detonation chamber" to ensure the content is safe before being delivered to users within your network.  Security Essentials for Email is built on Barracuda Technologies.

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Advanced Threat Detection works around the clock to help you pinpoint suspicious activities in your systems by profiling and knowing what to look for.

Advanced Threat Analytics identifies known advanced, persistent threats and security issues.  It continuously learns from the behavior of users, devices and other trends to adjust and reflect the changes in your rapidly evolving organization.  As tactics get more sophisticated, Advanced Threat Analytics uses behavioral analytics to help you adapt and respond.

So what's next?

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