Whitepaper: How can Membership Associations adapt to the demands of the digital era?

Executive Summary

The digital revolution that has taken place over the last three decades has radically changed how organizations function. Some companies have gone out of business, others have seen their purpose radically change, and many more have discovered opportunities to innovate and grow.

In many respects, membership organizations have been sheltered from the fiercest competition and greatest upheavals we have seen in other sectors spurred on by the growth of digital. This is thanks to the fact that membership associations typically face less direct competition for memberships, while also using a paid subscription model which is more durable than in other sectors. Nevertheless, member expectations are increasingly pushing associations to update how they offer their services.

How your Association can adapt to the demands of the digital era
This whitepaper will explore how these forces are affecting member expectations and it will also underscore the opportunities and improvements that ‘modernization’ can provide.

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