Antivirus Monitoring Solution for your Business

It’s the first thing in the morning and you get a call from advising that you have a security threat on your server that requires immediate attention. Within minutes we eliminate the threat with no disruption to your staff, your work day, your data or your business. That’s the power of our Antivirus monitoring service. Now consider the same scenario with no monitoring, no service and no alert to an issue.  Actually you might not want to… any number of outcomes could be present here and none of them are good for your business.

AVG CloudCare enables, to efficiently support your Antivirus (AV) solution in real time. 

Your servers(s) and all your individual user’s PCs will report threats to in real time, allowing us to address issues proactively, minimizing the risk of data loss and/or downtime.  Advanced remote control capabilities, provided without additional cost, also provides additional value for all user support scenarios.

Antivirus Solution from

Antivirus software and access to the Cloudcare management console
Notifications of possible virus threats to user’s PCs
Proactive monitoring of PCs Antivirus solution, with a dedicated Cloudcare customer portal that enables efficient Antivirus management, deployment and updates
Remote support capabilities enable technicians to connect to user's PC for support scenarios of all kinds
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