Web Portal Solutions for Association and Membership Management

A portal provides members with a central hub for all information related to their membership. It is comparable to an intranet or even the ‘homepage’ of a website like Facebook. Once a member logs in, they can access information exclusive to them.

A portal is the place that members can read about the latest association news. It is where they can express their interest in attending an event. It is where they can sign up for member benefits or learn more about education opportunities.

Association Management Portal

A Modern Platform and a Portal allow you to deliver on the 5 Pillars of Association Management Solutions

The beauty of using a platform and portal together is that they allow an association to deliver much more efficiently on the five pillars. They provide a range of tools which automate certain processes, and ensure information, communications, events and member benefits are all managed centrally from the platform, and can be accessed centrally on the portal.

Using these modern, self-service style platforms, it becomes so much easier for an association to deliver on the pillars:

AMS Membership Management

Member Management

Members can access a central hub where all the information they need can be found; where they can ask questions, and resolve any issues. With pavliks.com, membership associations can manage members in various ways:
New members can be onboarded automatically, be pointed to sources of information and use social-media style features to interact with other members
Newsletters and information can be sent out automatically to all members, and they can customize their personal preferences
Members are automatically notified when it comes to annual renewals, and payments can be controlled easily online – for members and employees
All records and transactions are recorded centrally in a secure manager

AMS Financial Management

Financial Management

All members have a place where they can access a history of their payments and view receipts, or upgrade their membership status. With pavliks.com, membership associations can manage finances in various ways:
The portal provides a central space to record and calculate all upcoming payments, discounts, fees and other financial information – cutting the risk of mistakes and errors
All payment, discount and subscription information can be ‘attached’ to each member’s digital account, meaning no confusion or lost information
Members can access a dashboard of all their payments, both for the subscription but also any one-off events

AMS Education Management

Education Management

A combined portal and platform allows members to sign up for courses, while also giving them a place to store and access their certificates and qualifications. With pavliks.com, membership associations can manage their education offerings in various ways:
Build personalized email lists, sending out information about upcoming courses to members who would be interested
Provide an easy to use and manage training center, with information on all upcoming courses where members can sign up
Collect feedback on courses and information on cost and make decisions on which courses are most valuable
Notify members in real time to any updates or changes in course time and location
Store all certificates in a centralized place

AMS Event Management

Event Management

A portal that provides a page where members can sign up to upcoming events provides easy access and payment capabilities, while facilitating marketing events. With pavliks.com, membership associations can manage their event offerings in various ways:
Marketing becomes much easier. A central events page in the member portal provides information all upcoming information, and this can be connected to the public facing website, as well as email lists
Members can easily sign up to events, invite others, ask questions and make payments
It is easy to gather feedback through email and portal surveys
Measuring the ROI of an event becomes significantly easier because all data on events, attendance and spending is stored centrally

AMS Committee Management

Committee Management

A centralized hub also makes all aspects of committee management easier, from voting for committee leaders to asking to attend committee meetings and more. With pavliks.com, membership associations can manage their committee activities in various ways:
The portal can be configured to fit around the structure of the association – allowing for different types of members to view certain pages, including certain pages (such as events or education) of not including them if they are not required
A centralized place for any communications about changes and organizational news
Options for online voting and decision making


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