How healthy event management will keep your members engaged

Events are the lifeblood of memberships associations in every industry. They have been the very reason for the existence of associations since, well, forever. But the problem with association events today is how they are organized; planned and executed. In fact, it could be argued that membership associations are falling behind other organizations when it comes to the functionality required to provide members with the best possible service.

According to recent research, a greater proportion of organizations are seeing increased membership rates, yet members themselves are not reporting any increase in value. Modernizing how associations and members interact, especially when it comes to events, will further boost engagement and increase the value members are receiving.

It’s essential then that your association has watertight communication channels to keep these members fully engaged.

You need the ability to:

  • Communicate with members by email, social media, telephone, or port without overlapping information
  • Organize and sell tickets to events or series of events
  • Provide advertising opportunities via listings or targeted placements
  • Track members' interests and activity to provide relevant services
  • Facilitate better interaction across their member base

Event Management for Associations

The pressure on associations now is stronger than ever; members have greater expectations when it comes to the service they are receiving from their subscriptions. For member associations across the board, there’s a demand to engage on social media, to offer intuitive technology that’s easy to use, and to continue to bring value to users in new and innovative ways. This is your opportunity to give your members an even better service. 

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Engagements done better

Staying on top of the latest strategies is important when trying to keep your members engaged and feeling like they are receiving good value from their membership. And an important aspect of this, of course, is the events that you organize.

Deciding on and planning networking opportunities, inviting important donors or influential speakers, and involving key stakeholders are all important aspects of planning and executing different types of events: from large scale agenda meetings to more intimate formal dinners.

But, just as important as staging these events is also your ability to communicate about it to your members. This is where member expectations, good planning and cutting-edge technology all meet.

Traditionally, events were advertised through the mail, as a monthly newsletter sent to members. More recently, letters and flyers have been replaced by email, requesting RSVPs, sending reminders, and so on. However, the nature of email (people miss them, delete them by mistake, can’t find them, etc.), means many members complain that they don’t know when events are happening and what is coming up and can feel alienated from the organization.

With the technology at our disposal today, there are more efficient ways to communicate with members about an upcoming event and to manage the event more efficiently. Our latest whitepaper provides in-depth guidance on how you modernize your technology to boost engagement with events. Download the exclusive whitepaper here.

A portal to better engagement

By using a sophisticated events management solution, such as’s Web Portal, your members will get a clearer view of what is happening at their association and have an easier way to sign up to events. And your association will be able to cut down on lengthy admin work and use its time on tasks of much higher value.

Let’s see what this would look like:

  • Better communication
    When we think ‘events’, often the picture is: ballroom and black-tie and large donation prices per dinner plate. But event management is not just about the big showpiece evenings. It’s also about events like seminars, conferences and webinars.

    In fact, the real value of event management for most organizations is better, more personalized, and more consistent communication. When members can simply log into a portal and get the information they need in a central hub, they can register for events, interact with other members and feel more engaged with their association. 

  • Up to the minute information
    Learn about new members, the latest news, and upcoming association events alongside post-event information, photos, videos, member reaction. Events can also be analyzed to understand how successful the planning and execution of the occasion was and the improvements that could be made for the next one.  

  • Easy sign-up and payment
    Making it as easy as possible for your members to sign-up and pay for events is essential to increasing engagement in your association, as well as boosting sales.  

  • Engagement to celebrate Web Portal is a great solution for your association’s events. From planning, registration, to post-event analysis, you can be sure that your events will be well organized and broadcasted to all your members. What’s more, our portal solution will enable an overall better service for your member base who will have a central hub for all the information they need to know about the association, ensuring maximum engagement. 

Ultimately, by modernizing your association’s event management processes, you boost attendance and increase revenue. To learn why leading membership associations are upgrading their management tools, and to learn how you can do this practically, download our exclusive whitepaper today.

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Guide to Choosing an Association Management Solution

Guide to Choosing an Association Management Solution

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