Flory Pavlik, Celebrates 50 Years in Canada

By: Sarah Pavlik |Jun 27, 2017

On June 23, Flory Pavlik, founder of The Pavlik Group Inc. and pavliks.com, celebrated his arrival in Canada 50 years ago.

At the bright young age of 23, Flory left his family in Munich to embark on a world tour.  First stop was Expo 67 in Montreal.  After a month in Montreal, he headed for Toronto to work and build up his travel fund.  It was in Toronto that he met Wilma.   He found the world suddenly got much smaller, and could be seen in the eyes of a woman he loved.

They got married, moved to Barrie and started a business venture in Advertising, which was Flory’s profession.  With a growing business and a growing family (Ian and Christa), Flory’s roots were firmly established in Canada, the place he proudly calls home.

Now retired from The Pavlik Group Inc. and pavliks.com, Flory enjoys his golden years Golfing, Skiing, spending time with Family and living in Canada!

Flory celebrating his 50th Anniversary in Canada