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Nudura Corporation - Maximize your networks flexibility

Company Profile

Nudura Corporation is a manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICF's). They have manufacturing locations across Canada, Distributors worldwide and a Head Office in Barrie Ontario


Nudura came into the ICF market as innovator and leader. Their efforts were focused on building a strong business in an emerging sector. A network server was in place but it was not being used to its capacity. The business was growing fast and Nudura needed to make sure their network would support them over the long term.

Having multiple locations and a growing number of Distributors, Nudura relied heavily on technology to communicate and interact with customers.
Nudura Case Study by

Solution analyzed Nudura's network and made sure it was built on the right technology and configured to allow for growth. Along the way a Microsoft Small Business Server was added when Nudura needed more functionality and performance. This transition was made easier due to the proper systems already being in place. also customized a proactive network support agreement that fit Nudura's requirements and allowed their systems to run smoothly and efficiently.


Nudura has benefitted from having a solid network that is flexible and can adapt to their changing needs. When new technology was required to improve their business, the integration and enhancements were easy resulting in Nudura quickly realizing results.

Having their network proactively maintained by removed the burden of daily and weekly system support and Nudura was able to focus efforts on their core business of producing ICF's.
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