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Hassey Realty Corp.

Hassey Realty Corp

Company Profile

The Hassey Group of Companies directs its energy and enthusiasm toward providing a broad range of real estate services. The Hassey group of companies is one of a small number of real estate groups in the Barrie area that specialize in providing services to the commercial, industrial, development, and investment markets.


Many businesses need a current and accurate website in order to do business, and this is especially true for Hassey Realty.  They recognized the value in a website and launched a website that they hoped would meet the needs of their customers.  They found that getting the necessary updates completed in a timely manner was becoming a problem.  Customers were not getting the important information they needed and the website was not the valuable tool Hassey Realty was looking for.

Colin Hassey approached with this challenge, looking for a better solution. was able to present a solution to Colin that would give him control and flexibility over his website and its content.

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Through a needs analysis, Colin was able to identify the areas that were important to him and the solutions that would make keeping the website current easier for him.  This is a critical component of developing an effective website.  Once the needs were known, presented the Sitefinity Content Management System that would allow him to update and control the content on his site.  This program also allows for custom programming.

Colin identified a need to have a consistent, professional way to present properties on the website.  The look, navigation and information needed to be uniformly presented.  The team at developed a custom Sitefinity module that allows Colin to fill in a form for each property listing.  This form has custom fields, drop down menus and an area to load the property images.  Once the form is completed, the information is displayed professionally on the website the way Hassey Realty wants their customers to view it.  This process ensures that all Hassey Realty listings are uniform while providing ease of use for users administering the listings by eliminating  formatting.

Hassey Realty also took advantage of a mapping feature that provides a link to google maps, so the end user can get quick access to the property location.  This feature is an important aspect in meeting the needs of the customer.

A new website is often an opportunity to address the branding of a company.  Hassey Realty took advantage of this, and has also updated the look of their website and corporate brand, utilizing the resources of


Hassey Realty can ensure that the information on their website is current, can be updated in a matter of minutes and has relevant information to share with the customer, in a uniform, branded manner.  The value of their web presence for their customers has been improved.

Hassey Realty also has an easy to use custom “real estate listings” module that provides ease of entry on the back end and delivers a polished and consistent presentation to the customer on the front end.  This easy to use module saves time, and provides comfort of mind to Hassey Realty staff and management.

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