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pavliks.com - Celebrating 50 Years in Business

The Pavlik Family is proud to be celebrating 50 years in business in 2019. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of our family. From the beginnings in Flory and Wilma’s home, to Christa and I growing up as kids surrounded by the business, to today us transforming the business into an international technology firm.

Every business has core reasons for why it has been successful, and our success is due to people.

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  • Staff – I am immensely proud of the amazing Staff we have at pavliks.com. Their dedication to providing value to our Clients, learning new technology and fostering a positive, diverse and fun working environment makes coming to work a joy each day.


  • Clients – Our wonderful Clients who trust us and allow us to deliver creative and effective solutions that have a measurable impact on their business. Seeing the results and hearing the impact we deliver, excites our Team and pushes us to constantly improve and evolve.


  • Partners – Having industry leading Partners and Vendors gives us (pavliks.com and our Clients) access to innovative products and technologies.  It is the great people at our Partners and Vendors who work with us daily to bring the right solutions to fruition, so our collective Clients can be amazed.

While today about 60% of our Clients are outside of the Barrie area and spread around the world, our roots are here in our local community. We could not and would not have thrived and survived if not for the support of the people and businesses in the region. That is why we have remained committed to being involved and engaged in the community since the beginning. You can read more here about 50 years of Community Engagement by the Pavlik Family.

Below is a visual representation of how the Pavlik Family business has grown and evolved over the years, we hope you enjoy learning about our 50 Years in Business.

- Ian Pavlik, President



1969 Flory and Wilma get married

FPA Group registered on - same day as marriage of Wilma and Flory Pavlik.

FPA Group (Flory Pavlik & Associates) offers budgeting, marketing planning, PR and advertising ideas as well as production of sales promotion for manufacturers supplying products to the construction industry.

Home Office, Coady Avenue, Toronto.

Home Office move to Sandford Farm near Uxbridge in the summer of 1969.

Flory performs freelance work for PPC Industrial Panels and Johnson Lift Trucks in Toronto



, Home Office moves to 91 Daphne Crescent in Barrie.


, FPA Group hires their first employee Joy Wooland as a full-time secretary.

1972 Flory writes for olympics 1

Flory writes an article for the Barrie Banner about the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

1972 Wilma Column

Wilma starts writing a column for the Barrie Banner called “Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax”

1972 SNIP Barrie transit logo

Flory Designs the City of Barrie Transit Logo, still in use today.

, FPA Group Sells Rolatax.  A list of Tax Tables used for payroll.  Searchable like a rolodex.  Updated every year.


1973 Wilma receiving Award in 1973 from Editor Donna Douglas

Wilma wins the prestigious award “Best Columnist” from the Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association for her consumer column “Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax”.

Late 70's, Flory and Wilma's children, Ian and Christa record radio ads for Surrey Place (Fox Run Development), an Ice Cream Manufacturer and new start up Flavoured Drink Crystals maker.


1977 Mayor Ross Archer with wife Marie - Wilma Ian Flory at Grand Opening June

252 Bradford Street was purchased as the new headquarters for the FPA Group. Grand Opening with Ross and Marie Archer, Flory, Ian and Wilma. ().

1977 PMT Camera

FPA acquired a PMT (Positive Mount Transfer) camera from Bill Linton, Barrie Press. An impressive piece of technology for the time.


1978 Recording Studio 3

Wayne Bijorgen helped set up Flory’s recording studio at the Bradford Street Office.



1981 Calendars 20001

FPA Group produced and sold Simcoe County Calendars for $4.95 each. Calendars featured historic buildings from Simcoe County.


, Flory taught Marketing and Marketing Research at Georgian College to 1st and 2nd year students.


252 Bradford Street building is sold and the business moves back to 91 Daphne Crescent.

Flory moves the PMT Camera to Daphne Crescent and continues to use it until 1994 when computer scanners and 300 dpi printers make artwork production a lot easier.


1989 Calendar Cover

Scott Elliott, The Sarjeant Company, sponsors the Simcoe County Calendars for free distribution to about 7,000 customers.  This continues until 2008.


, Flory teaches Computer Operating Systems and DOS applications for networking, word processing, spreadsheets and computer graphics at Georgian Collage.  Ian taught with Flory from 1993-1995.

1990 Corel Draw

FPA Group Starts using Corel Draw and Corel Publisher, one of the first companies in Barrie to use the graphics and desktop publishing software.


Ian gets his first laptop. It runs DOS only and has an external 3.5" floppy drive.



The Pavlik Group Inc. is incorporated by Flory, Ian (son) and Christa (daughter).  The company operates as pavliks.com.

1996 Windows Server nt 351

pavliks.com gets its first server with Windows NT 3.51 and Microsoft Mail 3.0


1997 windows nt 4

pavliks.com installs first Windows NT4 Server and Exchange Server 4.0.


pavliks.com has 10 employees and starts to grow in preparation for the Y2K surge.


The company is growing and the office moves to 364 St Vincent Street, Barrie (1999 - 2015)

Ian runs 3 km of Network Cable at new office.

1998 Borland Delphi Logo

pavliks.com creates it first custom software application using Borland Delphi.

pavliks.com grows to 15 employees.


Bert Cook, Ross archer and Arch Brown serves as advisor's to pavliks.com.

2000 Microsoft Partner Network

pavliks.com joins the Microsoft Partner Network and has maintained active membership and certification since.

2000 Magenda

pavliks.com’s new Custom ERP solution Magenda is launched.

2000 Cold Fusion

pavliks.com creates its first Web Application using Cold Fusion 5.


2001 Muskoka Boat Cruise_edit

pavliks.com takes staff and their family on Lake Cruise in Muskoka.


2002 WCM Launch 003

pavliks.com’s new Custom Website Content Management System, WCM launches. Mayor Jim Perri in attendance for the launch.


pavliks.com creates its first web application using Microsoft ASP.


2004 Data Complex Acquisition

pavliks.com purchases a local company, Data Complex.

21 employees at pavliks.com.

Flory retires at surprise birthday party!


2005 Dynamics CRM

pavliks.com starts its Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice, with version 3.0.


2007 Pavliks at Christmas

pavliks.com team at 364 St Vincent Street Office.



pavliks.com goes to Shanty Bay Go Kart for staff event.


pavliks.com hosts a Cottage Party in Bala for all staff.

pavliks.com belongs to Microsoft Excellence Program, recognition for Top 1% of Microsoft Partners in Canada.

pavliks.com hires First Immigrant (Foreign Worker) Oğuz Erdeve.

2008 Sitefinity CMS

pavliks.com starts using Sitefinity CMS for custom website development.


pavliks.com staff event on Serendipity Boat Cruise, Lake Simcoe.

2009 40th Anniversary

pavliks.com celebrates 40th Anniversary at Michael and Marions restaurant in Barrie.

2009 Technology Makeover

$50,000 Technology Makeover Contest is announced at Anniversary party, with Graphic Designer Kim Beggs (Integra Designs).

2009 Microsoft Marketing Award

pavliks.com wins the Microsoft Canada Marketing Award for the Technology Makeover Contest. Eric Gales, President of Microsoft Canada with Sarah and Ian Pavlik.


2010_Laser Tag

pavliks.com staff play Laser Tag at Retro Planet.

Ian and Sarah Pavlik go to Lima, Peru to investigate options for an additional office location.



pavliks.com returns to Shanty Bay for Go Kart fun.

pavliks.com hosts a Cottage Party in Bala for all staff.

27 employees at pavliks.com.

2011 BPOS

pavliks.com deploys Microsoft BPOS, 1st Cloud Solution offering from Microsoft.


2012_Company Picnic

pavliks.com hosts Company Picnic at Springwater Park.

2012_Crazy Bowling

pavliks.com hosts staff event at Bowlerama.


2013_Big Bike Ride

pavliks.com staff participate in Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride.

2013 SNIP Dynamics CRM Online

pavliks.com implements solutions with Dynamics CRM Online, first iteration of CRM Online from Microsoft.


2014_ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

pavliks.com staff participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

2014_Foot Golf

pavliks.com hosts staff for Foot Golf at Orr Lake Golf Club.

2014 Portal Connector Launch

The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM is launched by pavliks.com, at Microsoft Convergence Conference.

2014 Newcomer Awards_Culturally Diverse Workforce - Welcoming Work Environment
2014 Newcomer Awards_Culturally Diverse Workforce - Welcoming Work Environment_2

pavliks.com wins the Simcoe County Newcomer Welcoming Work Environment Award.

2014 Chamber Service Business Excellence Award 1

pavliks.com wins the Barrie Chamber of Commerce, Service Business Excellence Award.

2014 Partner Advisory Council Microsoft Corporation

- Ian is invited to the Partner Advisory Council for Microsoft Corporation and travels to Redmond 3 times per year to meet with Microsoft Executives about the future of technology and Partner programs.


Among the Top 100 in Canada in 2016

pavliks.com is listed on CDN Top 100 Solution Providers.

2015 Fast Solution Acquisition

pavliks.com purchases Fast Solution, and Kirk Evans joins pavliks.com team.

2015 Bell Farm Road

Business continues to grow and the Office is moved to 80 Bell Farm Road, Barrie.

2015 pavliks.com Team at 364 st vincent

38 employees at pavliks.com.


2016_Blue Jays Game

pavliks.com takes staff and family to Blue Jays Game in Toronto.

2016_Pumpkin Carving Contest

pavliks.com hosts Pumpkin Carving Contest for staff.

Among the Top 100 in Canada in 2016

pavliks.com is listed on CDN Top 100 Solution Providers for second year.


2017_Big Bike Ride

pavliks.com staff participate in Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride.

2017_Spring-Summer PingPong Tournament

pavliks.com hosts First Ping Pong Tournament in company Games Room.

2017 barrie business award

pavliks.com wins Barrie Business Award “Going Global”.

Among the Top 100 in Canada in 2017

pavliks.com is listed in CDN Top 100 Solution Providers for third year.

2017_Ugly Holiday Sweater Day

Ugly Sweater Day.


2018_Wheels for Wellness

pavliks.com staff participate in the Great Cycle Challenge fundraiser for Rotary Club of Barrie.

2018_Bean Bag Toss Tournament
2018_Bean Bag Toss Tournament

pavliks.com hosts First Bean Bag Toss Tournament on front lawn.

45 employees at pavliks.com.

2018_Bean Bag Toss Tournament

Christmas 2018


Technologies implemented and
supported by pavliks.com currently

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Windows Server and HyperV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP

The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365

Barracuda Backup Solutions

Webroot Anti Virus

HP Hardware solutions

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