Windows 10

For your business to be productive and efficient you need to ensure you are using the most effective tools.  The operating system for your computers is no exception.  Companies like Microsoft strive to deliver innovative products that simplifies tasks, increases efficiency and improves security.

Windows 10 is a key ingredient to Business Productivity

Windows 10

Benefits of Windows 10

Last Version

Windows 10 is the last version of Windows that Microsoft plans to release. All updates and new features will be applied to Windows 10. This improves operational efficiency and convenience.
Microsoft will release system updates every 6 months: Spring (May) and Fall (November).


Exploit protection is built into Windows 10 to protect your device against attacks.
Out-of-the-box, your device is already set up with the protection settings that work best for most people.


Windows 10 is the only operating software that Microsoft will support starting in January 2020.

Universal Windows Apps

Universal apps are made to run across multiple platforms and device classes, including smartphones, tables, Xbox One consoles and other compatible Windows 10 devices.

Main Features of Windows 10

User Interface and Desktop

User Interface and Desktop
Windows 10 features a modern, intuitive interface and many elements that boost user productivity.
Easily manage applications across multiple desktops and devices.
Includes customization capability to personalize your workspace.
Notification Center for centralized management of notifications and quick access to PC settings.

System Security

System Security
Windows 10 incorporates multi-factor authentication.
Includes improved Biometric authentication.
Authentication with a PIN, tied to one device. If a device is compromised, only this device is affected.

Storage Requirements

Storage Requirements
To reduce the storage footprint of the operating system, Windows 10 automatically compresses file systems.

Online Services

Online Services
Introduction of a new default web browser, Microsoft Edge.
Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant.

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Windows 10, November 2019 Update - Available Now!

What's new?

  • Online search in File Explorer
  • Other Voice Assistance above lock screen
  • Calendar event creation from the task bar
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