What is Outsourced IT?

In the digital era, IT Support plays a central role in the day to day operations of any successful business. Since IT affects everything within most organizations and we rely so heavily on technology to carry out business, it’s important to make sure that technology is always running seamlessly.

While some larger companies may have a designated in-house IT department, many Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) look for outside resources to support the IT Service functions of their business.

More and more companies are reaching out to third party managed service providers for outsourced IT solutions.  Read more to find out why this is a good choice. 

Outsourced IT Services
Outsourced IT Solutions for your Business

How do I know if my Business needs Outsourced IT Services?

Here are some points to consider when evaluating if your business could benefit from outsourced IT Services.

Is your IT Support currently handled by an internal non-technical resource?

In many cases, a company’s IT tasks will be distributed amongst existing staff and departments. Perhaps there is somebody in your office that is “good with computers”, who over time becomes the go-to resource for support when IT issues arise. You might see this as an easy solution that is saving your business money – but in reality, this practice can negatively affect productivity and morale in your organization in many ways.

Generally, the responsibility of maintaining your IT systems is unloaded on an employee whose primary role lies within another core function of your business. Perhaps it’s your accountant. If your accountant is badgered with requests for support whenever a computer or technical issue transpires, they are distracted from their actual job which is managing your company’s financial records.

While your accountant (or whoever assumes the IT role in your organization) may be able to assist, it will likely take them longer than someone who is trained in these areas. More importantly, your employees do not want to be burdened with doing tasks they were not hired to do. It just makes sense to have your employees fully focused on what they do best, without interruption.   

Do you have a full-time IT Resource that needs support for IT Projects?

While you may have a full-time IT resource within your company, there may be an instance where your internal resource would benefit from the help of an outside IT expert on a specific project. Ad hoc and contracted outsourced IT services can provide support for IT projects to speed up implementation and help you execute them efficiently, with best practices and industry-specific tools.

Are you taking advantage of the most effective technology solutions for your business?

In a world of rapidly changing technology, consultation from IT Experts can enable your business to implement the right technologies right away. Managed IT services can help you stay competitive in your industry by giving you access to the latest and greatest in business technology. IT experts can advise you on modern technology tools that will benefit your business, so you won't find yourself working with obsolete software and hardware that negatively affects your productivity.

Should I hire a dedicated IT Support employee for my business?

Gone are the days when you could rely on your accountant or other employees to keep the technology in your office up and running. Information Technology is complex in today’s day and age, and it requires a professional, specialized skill set to be proficient.

But hiring somebody new is not always in the budget or may not be a cost that your business can absorb. And even if you were to hire, you may not know what to look for in an employee, such as the specific qualifications you should be hiring for. As a business owner, hiring the wrong person for the job is an expensive mistake to make… especially when it comes to your IT systems.

Finding the right people and training them can be costly. You may not have the time to train and manage an internal IT team. On top of a regular salary with employee benefits, you will also need to invest in continual training to update skills and knowledge, obtain certificates in new technologies, etc. which may not be financially feasible.

A managed IT Services company can provide targeted support agreements to ensure your systems run effectively.  This will be more cost effective than hiring an experienced IT person in a full-time position.  In addition, you will have access to a team of skilled IT professionals, rather than the skill sets of one IT person.

Outsourced IT Support Services may make sense for your business if:

You require an IT Expert, but you don’t have money in the budget to hire someone full time
You would benefit from the latest technology, but currently do not have the expertise to deploy or manage these technologies
Technology is not your core business or competency, and you feel overwhelmed with managing your IT systems on your own
You feel you and your staff are spending too much time on IT that it is inhibiting your ability to focus on business growth and more valuable tasks
Your business is expanding and your current IT processes can’t keep up with the pace of your growth
You are experiencing many interruptions stemming from technology used in your business, and need someone with the right expertise to help
You are aware of the cyber threats facing business today and need the right expertise to guide your technology

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