Steve Vickerage, VP Service Delivery

Why Technology Excites Me

I have always enjoyed reading about new technology, and fun gadgets too I must admit. I’ve subscribed to Popular Science since I was a young teen and I still like to read about emerging technology today.

In my professional life I get excited by technology when we are to help clients be more efficient by doing so. When we implement solutions that can save our clients time and money, or automate tasks that used to take considerable time and/or manual effort, or allow them to get new insights into their business so they can make good business decisions, this is when I feel a sense of excitement. 

New toys such as drones, smart home devices, firesticks etc are a lot of fun too! 😊

My Community

I grew up in London Ontario as a kid and have settled in Barrie Ontario since I was in my mid 20s. My wife and I have 2 wonderful daughters and we love the community we live in, Barrie, in central Ontario.

I have been very active in the local soccer community, volunteering as a coach for a rep girls team for about 10 years, which I found to be very rewarding. I still enjoy some recreation soccer today too.

Our kids have grown into young adults in recent years and we have always tried to instill the importance of giving back to our community.  As regular contributors to the Barrie Food bank, RVH fundraisers, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Sick Kids Hospital, we are proud to serve our community whenever possible. The spirit of our community, and people, can be inspiring when you have opportunities to get involved.

My Personal Priorities

Technology aside, I have always enjoyed sport of all kinds. Soccer, hockey, golf, tennis are my favourites but it is great when the Olympics are on so we can see the world competing in all kinds of sports. The Olympics exemplify the importance and meaning of sport in bringing communities together! Traveling is another passion we have as a family. There is nothing better than sharing fun, new experiences and cultures with your family.


Steve Vickerage

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