Self Service Web Portal

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Improve your Customer's Experience with a Self Service Web Portal.

You can drastically improve the experience of your fans and sponsors by providing a web portal.

A self service web portal will give them more visibility into their data with the flexibility to engage online 24/7, not to mention the operational efficiencies that can be realized with real-time integration into CRM.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Fans and Sponsors can login to keep their profile data current
The Quality of your data is improved
Asset Listing

Asset Listing

Display the event tickets that fans currently have
Manage Special Event ticket requests
Display contract entitlements and proof of performance for sponsors
Customer Service Feedback

Customer Service Feedback

Customer Satisfaction items logged in your CRM, associated to the specific fan or sponsor
Fans and sponsors can log issues, problems, comments
Initiate customer surveys and track responses
Secondary Ticket Sales

Secondary Ticket Sales

Season ticket holders use the portal to resell their unwanted tickets
Reduce fraudulent ticket sales
Track the resale of the tickets, including purchaser and price
Increase targets for season ticket package sales

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