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Schedule Meetings Easily with Microsoft 365 Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a scheduling and booking app that allows others to schedule time in your calendar without having visibility into your private appointments.

If you have Microsoft 365 Standard, which is the subscription that includes Office download rights, you also have Microsoft Bookings, as a “free” value added tool you can utilize if you wish.

Bookings is handy when you are trying to set up a meeting or call with someone. Instead of going back and forth with email to find a mutually convenient time to meet, you can simply share a link for them to book an appointment with you.

Bookings creates a one-time link for you during set up and you can share it as needed, or make it a part of your email signature if you wish. Check out my Bookings profile for example.

When someone clicks on the link you share, it allows them to secure a meeting with you, as per the parameters you have set up. You can establish meeting times in 15 min increments, or 60 minutes if that is more appropriate. When you set up Bookings, you can outline the hours that you are available, and Bookings will only show those timeframes for your contact to pick from. Here is a snapshot of the Bookings interface, and scheduling settings.

Automation Features

  • If you schedule an appt for yourself in Outlook, Bookings can automatically block that timeframe from your availability.

  • When someone books a meeting with you from the link you shared, you can have Bookings send a confirmation email, send a Teams meeting invite, and send both parties a reminder message one day prior to the meeting.

Personalize your Profile

  • You can tailor the message on your profile and the content sent in email reminders

  • Add an image to your Bookings profile to further personalize the experience of booking with you.

Microsoft Bookings is a handy productivity tool to help small businesses too.

Small businesses that provide services to customers on an appointment basis will find great value and improved efficiency with Microsoft Bookings. For example hair salons, dental offices, spas, law firms, financial services providers, consultants, and auto shops.

Watch a video and learn more about how to set up Microsoft Bookings

To see Bookings and some of the other valuable tools you have with your Microsoft 365 subscription, like Teams, Forms/Polls, Power Automate, Planner, To-do, Lists and OneNote, you can go to and log in with your Microsoft 365 credentials. Feeling overwhelmed by the Microsoft 365 packages and offerings? Give us a call and we would be happy to review the plans that will meet your business needs.


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