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Plan for the Change you can see coming!

Change is hard no matter if it's changing for the better or worse. Last spring when change was abruptly forced upon us, many businesses scrambled to move their staff to a remote work model. We are now facing another change, but this time we can see it coming.

That change is determining and implementing your organizations return to work policies. Whether you decide everybody comes back in the office, you keep everyone remote, or you move to a hybrid scenario, you now have time to plan and prepare for what the new “normal” might look like.

Many businesses are planning and preparing to be nimbler and more adaptable should this type of global disruption happened again. A few key items to consider in your planning are;

Global Computer Supply Chain

The global supply of computers and related components has been disrupted. If your plan requires some new infrastructure you will need to consider product delivery times. While some components are available next day many can take weeks or even months. During the initial stages of the pandemic many people just accepted whatever computers or laptops were available, but they may not have been ideal. In a crisis you take what you can get. Today you can plan for your back to work transition, but you need to consider product availability in your planning.


Every device or “thing” (computer, laptop, tablet, phone, printer, wireless router) that connects to your business network needs to be secured. Whether someone is remoting in from home, working form the office or moving back and forth, all the “things” that access your network are possible vulnerabilities. Hybrid scenarios where someone is in the office one day and remote the next can be the most unsecure. When a staff member flips between home and the office, and their home computer is the same one their teenager uses for schoolwork and gaming, this opens a BIG security hole. Proper systems and procedures need to be in place to keep your data and systems secure and staff productive no matter where they are.

Hybrid Boardroom Meetings

Are you ready to have a 6-person meeting where 3 people are physically at the office and 3 are remote? Sure you can just use the conference speaker like in the past, but there are some great inexpensive alternatives. Conference room cameras and screens are flooding the market to help dispersed teams communicate and collaborate in these types of hybrid scenarios. These devices make the experience far better and more inclusive for all attendees. Everyone can see everyone else in the meeting and no one is left out as a bystander just observing.

Whatever approach you decide to take when things go back to “normal”, you can prepare and plan, unlike before. Technology played a major role enabling businesses to adapt and stay running during the pandemic. Don’t forget it will play a big role in the transition after the pandemic as well. If you want to talk further about preparing your systems and technology for your return-to-work plan, give is a call. This is what we do, what we do well and what we do all the time.


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