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Antivirus Protection: What to look for

In today’s digital world, with all the modern and ever-evolving security threats we face, Antivirus (AV) protection has never been so important. Having a modern, New-Gen, AI powered endpoint antivirus solution should be a key component in your layers of network security.

There are many AV products and solutions out there and you can find websites that will tout one vs another, so how do you choose a solution for your company? What are the factors to consider when choosing an AV solution? Price is always a consideration with any software acquisition, but in the antivirus world, most vendors are comparable in price, so functionality should be the primary factor considered with your choice. Aside from "Next-gen" and "AI” real-time scanning, here is a list of items to consider when looking at antivirus options for your business: Management Console: Does the solution offer a portal to efficiently administer all PCs from “one pane of glass”? This is a must as an administrator. Performance: Does it require a lot of resources to run the AV solution? Does it have a good detection rate? Control: Will you have control over install and uninstall permissions? For example, the ability to set password protection for uninstalling the antivirus software. Compatibility: Does the antivirus solution work with all your endpoint devices? Spyware and Malware Scans: Does the antivirus software have this built in? Email Scanning: Do you have a dedicated service for this or do you want the same solution within your antivirus software?

So, after considering all these factors you have time to narrow down your choices and test 3 or 4 options before deploying, right? If you would rather spend your time on your business, we can recommend a reliable solution, as well set up and maintain your Network Security/AV Solutions. Over the past 20+ years we have deployed, managed and tested many AV and network security solutions. We have encountered several more AV solutions with new clients too, as we become their trusted Managed Services partner. It surprises people to know that switching to a new AV solution is painless and efficient these days, especially when using a New-Gen solution with a centralized management console during deployment. There is no downtime involved when the new AV solution allows you to run your old AV concurrently with the new, allowing for continuous protection, and added peace of mind. With all our testing, experience, and in consideration of the factors noted above, we have recently chosen Webroot Antivirus for our corporate Antivirus Endpoint protection solution. We trust Webroot for our business and recommend it to our customers as well. You can use the links below to learn more about Webroot:

Antivirus solutions are vital for your business and you need to have a solid network security plan.

We are happy to review your current Network Security and Antivirus needs. Contact us today to start the discussion!


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