Tips & Best Practices for Outsourcing IT

If you are considering outsourced IT services for your business, here are some points to consider:

Decide what to Outsource

Decide what you will Outsource – All or Part of your IT. 

Computer hardware and software, servers and networking, antivirus and ransomware protection, data backup solutions and more.  Outsource the functions of IT for which your staff lacks the needed expertise. Learn more about what IT can be Outsourced

Access to 24/7 Support. 

Choose a managed service provider that can provide IT support during and after working hours, during the holidays, and during the weekends. Since your technology is running 24/7, it’s critical to have support available 24/7 too, who can respond in a timely manner if IT mishaps occur to reduce downtime in your organization.

Access to 24/7 Support

Evaluate Service Providers

Evaluate Service Providers. 

Before hiring a service provider to manage your IT, consider checking references. Ask for testimonials or feedback from clients who have used their services. Inquire about experience, capabilities, partners and certifications.   Can you get someone on the phone in a timely manner?  How difficult will it be to get your needs met?

Align your Interests.

Share your IT support needs to ensure you are finding an IT service provider that can adequately match your needs now and in the future. An ideal vendor will be a good fit for your business needs and company culture, and be on the same page when it comes to budget, timelines and services.

Align your Interests

Service Level Agreement

Evaluate each Potential Service Provider’s Service Level Agreement.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a critical part of any outsourcing contract. Make sure the SLA clearly outlines and matches your standards and expectations to be delivered by a potential service provider surrounding response and resolution time.

Choose a Vendor who speaks to you in a way you Understand.

Technical terms and jargon can feel like a whole new language that you might not fully understand if you’re not immersed in the technology industry. It’s important to find a managed service provider who will speak using terms that you can relate to and comprehend, to lessen any frustration or miscommunication.  

A Language you Understand

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