Outsourced IT Solutions can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

Examples of frequently outsourced IT services include:

Network Maintenance and Monitoring

Server deployments and maintenance
Network monitoring
Office 365 deployments and management
Desktop deployments and user support

Network Security

Antivirus deployment and maintenance
Firewall deployments and maintenance
Email security

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

On premise backup solutions for data and server images
Offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions
Email backup solutions

Cloud Solutions Provider

Office 365 deployments and management
(enterprise email, online storage and collaboration, video conferencing, etc.)
Barracuda Essentials
(email security and backups, OneDrive and SharePoint backups)

Purchasing for IT Infrastructure

Desktops, servers, firewall/router, switch, printers/scanners, miscellaneous peripheral

Asset Management and Consulting

Software asset management and renewal tracking
Consulting with software acquisition and upgrade options

Considering Outsourced IT for your Business?

Here are some points to consider when outsourcing IT support services for your business.

Tips and Best Practices for Outsourcing IT
Outsourced IT Services with pavliks.com
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