Onsite Backup Solutions for Business

Ever catch yourself thinking that you don’t need a sophisticated backup solution?  Many business owners have. Now think about the impact to your business if all of your data was gone, without warning and in a state that it cannot EVER be retrieved…  It hurts and the cost to your business could be fatal.

You can save your data and your business with a reliable Backup Solution.

You have a number of Backup Options depending on your business needs, budget and expected time to recovery.

Onsite Backup Solution

An onsite Barracuda Backup Appliance will backup critical data from your server.  This device will reside at your location, where you can touch and feel it.  Yes, that may be important to you!!

This device can also be used to facilitate an Offsite Backup Solution and a Cloud Backup SolutionBarracuda Backup gives you the freedom to replicate box-to-box, box-to-cloud or both! 

Barracuda schematic

Our recommended Backup Solutions do not include USB memory keys, removable hard drives or tape solutions and here’s why:

These solutions require time-consuming, manual intervention from people, every day, to remove drives, transport them to and from the office, performing test restores, etc. People get busy and this routine can suffer in many cases.
Removable drives do not have suitable software to schedule backups as required, for business scenarios (Exchange/email, SQL databases, server snapshot images, etc.). These devices are suitable for backing up pictures from a laptop but not as a corporate backup and disaster recovery solution.
Removable drives can easily be damaged, lost or even stolen.
Removable drives do not have automated Disaster Recovery features that can be deployed to have data automatically sync with a third party vendor (pavliks.com or Barracuda)

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