Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

For an added level of protection for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes, we recommend Barracuda Backup. With a Barracuda appliance onsite, you can also keep a copy of your data at another location.

We call this our “sleep at night service” as many businesses find this service to be very comforting. Some compare this service to an insurance policy, as it provides a level of confidence that should a disaster occur, you are covered. 

Disasters can happen to anyone (fire, flood, tornado etc) or in the case of a disgruntled employee – sabotage of servers or data could occur. In addition, cyber security threats such as Ransomware attacks present significant risks to your business and your data.

Every business needs a strategy and protection in place so that when (not if) you are attacked, you can take action.

Offsite Backup Solution

Your Offsite Backup Solution can be provided based on your particular needs. We can assist you in deciding on the most suitable Disaster Recovery solution for you, given the amount of data you back up, what needs to go offsite, bandwidth available etc. Disaster Recovery solution options are as follows:

Host your offsite data in our secure Barracuda Backup datacentre, here at
Host your offsite data at a second location or office you might own.
Send your offsite data to Barracuda’s datacentre which resides in Montreal, Canada.

Learn more about Barracuda Backup and Key Features

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