Network Monitoring Services 

Ensuring your systems are monitored, updated and running efficiently are the backbone for surviving and thriving in the digital era.

Many SMBs choose Outsourced IT Services to look after Network Monitoring for their business.

What does Maintenance look like?

While it may be different for every business, your IT systems have basic maintenance needs that should not be ignored.

Monitoring and Servicing the following critical aspects of your IT systems:

Operating Systems and Software Applications
The Integrity of your Data
Data Storage Capacity
Backup Software
AntiVirus Software
Firewall Services

How will Regular Maintenance help my Business? 

Focus on your business knowing that a certified network technician will take care of your network on a regular basis
Peace of mind knowing your critical business systems are being monitored and cared for 24/7
Minimized downtime and interruption in your business with daily monitoring that allows for proactive remediation
Maximized performance of your servers and network infrastructure
Reduce costs and free up your internal resources when you outsource versus having an in-house IT department
Improved IT performance and health
Avert potential emergency network issues when the basic maintenance tasks are performed Network Monitoring and Maintenance services include an IT Advisor who will identify how changes in technology might affect your business and provides recommendations on how to respond to changes as required.

What you are Maintaining?  Hardware Lifecycles Matter!

Older equipment costs more to maintain; this applies to everything, and your IT systems are no different.  While ongoing maintenance is important, continuing to maintain out-of-date hardware can leave you blindsided when systems fail and users complain about performance.

By considering the useful life of a server, router, or appliance, and implementing Hardware Lifecycle best practices, you can lower hardware and maintenance costs, increase the ability to perform upgrades, and maximize the value of your servers and networking equipment.

Having a Hardware Lifecycle Plan can help you thrive in the digital era and ensure your systems are working efficiently. 

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