Network Monitoring and 24/7 Reporting

Our Network support agreements can provide much comfort and support to your staff. And a Preventative Maintenance routine for your Server and Network infrastructure also helps minimize the risk of downtime for your organization immensely.

To further minimize the risk of downtime to your organization, during the time in between your support visits, we can also implement a monitoring solution that will enable us to keep an eye on your server and Network’s “pulse” 24/7 ... we can often address an issue with your Server or Network proactively, and before you know there is an issue (firewall disconnects, server drive errors, processors spikes, etc). Call to find out more about our Support agreements and monitoring solutions.

Network Monitoring Solution with

This service will be tailored to your business based on your specific needs, taking into consideration the number of Servers and Users requiring support.

Microsoft Certified Professional and Senior Network Technician (10 years +) assigned as your Network Analyst and support lead.
Technician will connect to your Server(s) and Network for a visual review of network health and performance
Scheduled Microsoft server operating system updates and patch management
Regular review of Network and Server performance, Firewall performance, Storage capacity, Data integrity, Backup solutions, Network switches and speed, UPS systems, Microsoft applications, AV
Liaise with Third Party vendors as required on client's behalf
Server log, Event log, and Security log monitoring
Licensing and renewal tracking for Server Operating systems, Office and Antivirus licensing
Asset management, Hardware and Software Lifecycle Reviews and IT budgetary assistance

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