Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork.

Teams brings together people, conversations and content in a shared workspace.

It is where people, including colleagues and external stakeholders like customers, connect to have conversations, hold online meetings, share and collaborate on files, work with business apps and more - in real time to get things done!

Using Teams, you can have a conversation right where the work is happening, whether coauthoring a document, having a meeting (including recording and screen-sharing capabilities), or working collaboratively together in other apps and services. Teams is the place to have informal chats, iterate quickly on a project, work with team files, and collaborate on shared deliverables.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams introduces many advantages to businesses, including:

Productivity   Productivity Gains

Centralized Communication Channel   Enhanced Communication

Collaboration   Simplified Collaboration

Transparency   Greater Transparency

Teams vs Zoom

Learn more about How Microsoft Teams Differs from Zoom.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Here is an overview of the benefits along with the tools that facilitate the activities of Microsoft Teams:

Communicate More Effectively

Communicate more effectively

Group Chat
Online Meetings
Web Conferencing

Work Better Together

Work better together

Collaborate on files with Office 365 apps

Keep Your Team Secure

Keep your team secure

End-to-End Security
Administrative Control

Transform your Workplace Experience with Microsoft Teams

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