Hyper-V Backup Solution

Ever catch yourself thinking that you don’t need a sophisticated backup solution?  Many business owners have. Now think about the impact to your business if all of your data was gone, without warning and in a state that it cannot EVER be retrieved…  It hurts and the cost to your business could be fatal.

You can save your data and your business with a reliable Backup Solution.

You have a number of Backup Options depending on your business needs, budget and expected time to recovery.

Hyper-V Backup

Virtual Machines (VMs) need a reliable backup solution.  Altaro Hyper-V is a full-featured and easy to use VM backup solution for Hyper-V.

Here are some great features of Altaro Hyper-V Backup:

Offsite Backup Replication - to an offsite location for disaster recovery protection. Either to your own offsite storage or to another offsite host/service (inquire for offsite disaster recovery options).
Instant Exchange Item-Level Restore - Browse through your Exchange VM backup’s file system and restore individual emails (or any other Exchange items) instantly
Instant File Level Restore - also retrieve individual files directly from your VM backups with a few clicks
Back up Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) - great for larger environments
Remote Management Console - easily manage all VM backup/restore jobs across your Hyper-V hosts from a central console
Back up Live VMs - with Zero downtime by leveraging Microsoft’s Hyper-V VSS Writer
Compression & Encryption - compress VM backups and use military grade AES encryption to reduce backup storage significantly and secure VM backups
Linux, MS Exchange & MS SQL - VM backups supported
ReverseDelta™ and OnePass Restore™ - for FAST backup/restore performance
Sandbox restore tests

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