Frequently Asked Questions for

Where are you located?
We are located at 80 Bell Farm Road in Barrie, ON.  Stop by for a coffee!

Do you work with customers outside of your city?
We have customers locally and all across North America, Europe and Australia.  Where are you?

What are your business hours?
Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm Eastern Time.  But feel free to send us an email anytime!

Do you fix home computers? provides IT services exclusively to business, we do not support personal or home computers.

How do I access support for my business systems?
Having some trouble with your systems?  Fill out a convenient online support request, or give us a call 1-877-728-5457.

Do you provide after hours support?
Yes we do.  If your request is afterhours and an emergency, call us at 1-877-728-5457 and choose the afterhours support menu option from our voicemail system.  You will be forwarded to our live attendant who will field your request.  Please note afterhours rates will apply. 

Why would my business choose your services?
Well, here are 3 great reasons you should choose

  1. Our skills individually and collectively are exceptional.  We work together, draw on the knowledge and experience of the team to solve customers' problems.  We hire skilled and excited IT professionals.

  2. Commitment to our solutions.  We actively select hardware and software solutions that we believe are the best value for our customers.  As such, we do not "dabble" in other solutions, we are EXPERTS in our chosen fields.

  3. We have personality.  Since most of our computers don't talk to us yet, it's important to have a relationship with people that do.  Our teams are super geeky and love technology, but they are also great with people and will talk to you in the language you prefer, business terms or geek speak - your choice!

  4. Exceptional Service.  (ok I can't count, that's 4!).  We will answer the phone when you call, respond to emails and genuinely care about the questions and concerns that you may have.  We live the Exceptional Customer Experience with you.
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