Dynamics 365 for Sales Management

Are you looking for better forecasting, sales team management, process efficiency, improved customer interactions with ordering, tracking and payments?

Do you need improved visibility and access to information for effective account management?

Are you concerned about making sure people have easy access to the information they need with restricted access to sensitive information?

Dynamics 365 is a platform solution that can be customized for many Sales Management scenarios.

We help our customers by creating solutions that solve their specific sales management issues.  The examples below may help you think about your own situation and how these solutions might solve your business needs.

Sales Activity Tracking

Gain the ability to track the entire sales process from lead capture and nurture to developing complex opportunities and ultimately the purchase.

In cases of high staff turnover, accurately tracked information is critical for maintaining consistent sales activities.
Track last follow up date and cycle of new activities in the sales process
Working with large prospect and customers lists its important to create an easy to use interface to track outcomes and next steps

Relationship Tracking

Often we think of relationships as being with people, but sometimes we need to track relationships with other things like groups of people, products or money to bring value to customer relationships.

Financial institutions pull data from external systems and track fund performance to individual investors.
Membership tracking including board members to committees, people to organizations, events to certifications.
Track complex relationships between people and other things.

Opportunity Management

Creating and Tracking complex Sales Opportunities like contract negotiations, sponsorships that involve many benefits & fulfillments and fundraising.  Including calculations of Opportunity Values.

Build a unique offering for each opportunity that is an assembly of products and write-in items
Develop multi-year contracts and offers that may contain different benefits for each year
Access sponsorship offerings that allow a client to allocate sponsorship value towards a menu of items
Use of Systems to manage Benefit Allocation

Product and Order Management

Establishing Product Catalogues and Product Categories, Product Bundles & Families while offering alternative product suggestions for purchase.

Pricing structures include price lists by product and other compounded units (unit groups)
Order Processing - Fulfillment, Shipping, Printing Shipping Labels or Packing Lists
Manage Products that have a recurring element to them. Monthly or yearly revenue recognition
Allow your customers to pay orders online via a portal with the ability to pay invoices for services rendered.

Segmenting Data for Sales Teams

Leads and Opportunities that relate to each sales person are all they see, so they can focus on their data and not get distracted by irrelevant information.

Ability to focus on restricting the data that each salesperson or sales team can see
Each person or teams dashboard can be customized for the data they need.

Nurture/Drip Marketing

Consistent and frequent communication with leads, prospects and customers means you stay top of mind when buying decisions are made.

We use Click Dimensions for Nurture Campaigns and monthly newsletter distribution
Nurture and Drip Marketing campaigns allow you to automate your sales funnel messaging and marketing list management.

pavliks.com and Sales Management

We have deep knowledge and experience working with Associations, Professional Sports and Finance organizations and their complex Business Processes. 

We centralize and automate processes from lead capture, lead nurture, managing sales cycles and complex opportunity management elements.  Tracking people and things, that have complex relationships and connecting them in a meaningful and valuable way.

Working with organizations that have complex financial scenarios as it relates to contracts, memberships, sponsorships, benefit fulfillment, products and product catalogs.

We understand the complexities of payments, orders, multiple payments in one order, multiple orders to one payment, taxes, and integration with Dynamics GP, NAV and Business Central.

If you have complex Sales Management processes that need to be centralized and automated, let’s start with a conversation to assess your immediate business needs.

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