The Power Platform and Dynamics 365

The Power Platform is a low-code/no-code solution to create enhanced user experiences that can be embedded directly into Dynamics 365, or run stand alone on a device as an app. These custom experiences can improve efficiency exponentially, however, would traditionally have been very expensive if not even cost prohibitive. Power Platform allows us to bring those solutions to every customer in an affordable solution.

Our development teams have gone through internal boot camp training to gain proficiency in using The App Platform effectively.

When you are ready for your Dynamics 365 project to come to life, these tools will be part of your journey.

Power Automate

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Formerly known as “Flow”, Power Automate is a tool that allows you to streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes, with hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

Our customers are leveraging the Power Automate Tools with Microsoft Applications like SharePoint, Teams, Business Central and Dynamics 365.

Synchronizing data between SharePoint and other applications
Integrating data between Dynamics 365 and Business Central, for accounting.
Creating a new channel in Microsoft Teams when a new Case is created in Dynamics 365
Simplifying file management processes within SharePoint and Dynamics 365.

Power Apps

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Power Apps is positioned as a no or low code option for users to build useful apps for their organization.  And while you might feel that this puts power in the hands of the users to build out new apps, doing this requires knowledge and experience with development concepts.  The code needs logic and organization to avoid creating loops of undesired functionality.  App development needs to be monitored as data can be corrupted if not managed by a lifecycle.  This is something software developers are very familiar with.

Having said that, we use Power Apps regularly to build custom users interfaces that provide business units with one screen to get all of the data they need to perform their tasks.  Developers use Power Apps to streamline and improve business units and processes.

Power BI

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Power BI provides Business Intelligence to business owners and drives strategy decisions.  Discover insights hidden in your data. 

Having good data and lot of it is key to getting the most benefit out of Power BI.  For customers that have access to this there are so many ways that Power BI can help with analytical reporting.

We have delivered a comprehensive competitive analysis for a customer in the financial industry. Evaluating in real time how your firm compares to others in the industry is key to staying competitive.

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