Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service has a real benefit for organizations that have Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s), as process management and customer experience are so critical to these organizations.

Do you ever find that CSR’s don’t have a way to share all of the knowledge that they have?  This is a common complaint.   Having an easy to use system that can track corporate knowledge as well as customer service history is a key aspect to ensure knowledge is being stored and shared.

Do your customers have an opportunity to open cases for themselves, or are they using your front-line staff to generate cases on their behalf.  A system that allows for a connected, customized web portal empowers those customers to generate and monitor their own cases.  When the web portal is tightly integrated with your CRM system, this creates tremendous efficiencies for your customer service teams.

Here are ways that Process Management and Customer Experience can be improved with Dynamics 365.

Process Management

A key aspect to successful customer service is providing relevant information delivered in a predictable and professional manner.  Organizations need to ensure customer information is accurately documented, available for resolution and future reference.

All of these can be accomplished when you have excellent process management tools being implemented across your organization.

Here are some specific ways we have solved the challenges of our customers with process management systems that have impacted their organizations.

image of process management files

Standardize Problem Resolution

Create more predictable paths for CSR’s to follow
Reduces time and effort to resolve incidences
More cases can be handled by fewer people
Improves ramp up time for new staff
Improves the customer’s experience with your customer service staff

SLA/Case Management

Using cases to track what tasks or services need to be delivered or executed
Cases can be moved through stages
Time to closure of a case can be tracked, and escalations initiated if they take too long
Track entitlements, and execute cases against available entitlements
Monitor trends over time, identify root issues, improve services or service delivery.

Complaint Management

Incident management, receiving and resolving incidences involving a customer
Equipment failure reporting (example a broken seat at a stadium)
Guest relations, receiving feedback from customers on their service experiences.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power.  When you empower your Customer Service Reps, your customers will feel stronger about your products and services.  Storing and accessing key knowledge at critical moments of customer service requires a coordinated and streamlined system.   Knowledge based systems also include corporate knowledge that is available to management and production staff, as well as CSR’s.

Use of Knowledge Base tools for retaining corporate and account knowledge.
FAQ system to facilitate CSR’s response to customer service requests.
An effective FAQ system will allow CSR’s to also contribute to the overall knowledge of the organization.
Image of Database

Customer Self-Service

Customers want 24/7 access to information, service and support.  A Web Portal is an effective and secure way to interact with customers and provide them with the any time engagement they are looking for. Improve your efficiency with less demands on your front-line support staff and CSR's.

Web Portals can perform numerous functions for a business, and there are many examples of custom portals for unique scenarios.  However, we consistently see 5 Web Portals requested and deployed by businesses across many different industries and sectors.

Here are the Top 5 Web Portals for Business.  Consider how one or many of these portals would benefit your business.

Customer Support Portal

Image of TPC Customer Support Widget

Customers get 24/7 access to information, service and support
Improve your efficiency with less demands on your front-line support staff and CSR’s
Customer can submit and monitor their support cases

Event ManagementImage of TPC Event Management Widget

Customers can register and manage their registrations details for events online
You can access immediate / real time visibility into event registration status
Improve your efficiency with a decrease in telephone registrations and participant updates

Profile Management

Image of TPC Membership Management Widget

Improved data accuracy as customers keep their own information up to date
Customers can access their data 24/7, improving their experience and retention
Handle large volumes of updates, like renewals, through automated processes

Order Management

Image of TPC Order Management Widget

Customers get immediate access to their order information, like “what is the status of my order” or “what is my tracking number”
Improve Customer Service and reduce the inbound call volume to your CSR’s
Provide a faster and more accurate Product Return experience
Workflows ensures the processes are seamless

Application Management

Image of TPC Warranty Management Widget

Forms saved if they cannot be completed in one session
Create multi-step and multi-page forms
Create HR Management and Recruitment tools.

pavliks.com and Customer Service Management

We have developed Customer Service solutions for organizations with varying customer service needs.  From fitness facilities, to sports stadiums, to professional services firms.  Anyone with customers, needs an effective way to deliver an excellent customer experience.

With a robust Web Portal and the Dynamics 365 platform, we create systems and automate processes that ensure your success in delivering on customer service.

For every customer we deliver a solution that addresses their unique business processes and service delivery models.  While our knowledge and experience allows us to be fully engaged in the analysis of your business needs, we bring deep technical expertise to ensure smooth solution delivery.

If you have Customer Service processes that need to be centralized and automated, let’s start with a conversation to assess your immediate business needs.

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