Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Transition Plan

Microsoft has been investing heavily in Dynamics products over the past few years. Twice a year Microsoft rolls out new features and improvements to the customer experience.

In 2017, Microsoft introduced the Unified Interface which many Dynamics 365 customers have found intuitive and improved the navigational experience.  Microsoft has decided to retire the existing Web Client interface, and as of December 2020, all Dynamics 365 customers will be transitioned to the new Unified Interface. Microsoft will start transitioning customers in January 2020.

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What is the Unified Interface?

The Unified Interface is a new way of organizing and rendering the Dynamics 365 user interface. Key features include:

Enhanced design with better use of screen space
Updated navigation techniques
Modern, extensible data field visualizations and controls
Consistent, targeted experience across all devices for each user group

Learn more about the Unified Interface

We have a proven 4 Step Process to transition you to the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface.

pavliks-Logo  will work with you to formulate a plan that will address your business needs and processes in the new Unified Interface.

Step 1_Evaluate Usage

1. Evaluate Usage

Identify User groups that need access to similar data
Identify features and functions needed by each group
Document all processes being executed

Step 2_Define Access

2. Define Access

Identify devices currently used to access your data
Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, iOS, Android, Windows
Determine device types you want to use

Step 3_Build and Test

3. Build & Test

Create your first Model-Driven App for the Unified Interface
Test your first App through a pilot with key users
Create a better experience with Unified Interface enhancements
Test the execution of all processes in the Unified Interface

Step 4_Implement

4. Implement

Execute a Deployment Strategy (phased or simultaneous)
Implement a Training Program
Deploy Model-Driven Apps
Deploy native apps on devices

Why plan for the transition now?

While you will be able to use the current Dynamics 365 legacy interface until December 1, 2020, the time to plan for your transition is now.

By reviewing your current solution and understanding the capabilities of the Unified Interface, transitioning gives you the opportunity to refresh the way you use your Dynamics 365 system. A coordinated effort will vastly improve your organization's daily experience with your Dynamics 365 system and help you accomplish tasks more efficiently.

If you're not sure where to begin, pavliks-Logo  can help you plan your transition. 

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