Is your Business prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Cybersecurity should not be taken lightly by any business.

While mainstream news outlets report on the large corporations that are being held hostage, many small and medium businesses in our area are also being affected.  You may know someone that has been the victim of Ransomware. Take for example, the municipalities in Simcoe County that were not adequately protected and became subject to ransomware attacks.  They did not have the right plan in place to protect data and operations of their organization.  

The reality is that most businesses will be hit by a cybersecurity attack at some point.

While, there are ways to protect yourself and minimize the impact of such an attack on your business, it is important to note that there is no silver bullet to completely block the attacks. However, there are effective strategies to reduce the likelihood and ensure your business can survive the attack, without paying ransom or suffering data loss.

Here are 3 key things you should have in place: 

Secure your Network
Secure your network with adequate detection and protection solutions.
There are 5 key aspects to securing your network against ransomware, malicious viruses, and cyber attacks. Click here to learn more - As you read through them, consider your own IT environment and the level of security you currently have in place. 

Train your Staff
Train your staff on safe email practices.
Take the time to train your staff on safe emailing practices. Without this in place, all the technology in the world can't protect you. Register for a Safe Emailing Session for your employees with

Backup your Data
Backup your business data offsite.
As the last line of defense, and the most important solution to have in place, is a reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. Your data should be backed up to a physical appliance, other than your corporate server(s), for quick restoration when required. All backups should be monitored and tested regularly. Learn more about reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions and how you can save your data and your business.

Other Resources: 

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pavliks-Logo has a team of Cyber Security and Network Security Specialists that can help ensure your Business has adequate security measures in place to protect your data and operations from cyber threats.

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