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Improve your Customer Service

Improve your Customer Service with The Portal Connector.

  • Customers can Self Serve 24/7

  • Customers have immediate access to their data in real time

  • Customers manage their data on their timeline

  • Mobile ready access from any device

  • Easy to use system allows you to modify the portal on your own

Portal Solutions

The Portal Connector allows you to create many portal solutions to meet your business needs. 


Here are the Top Portal Use Cases that are helping businesses.

  • Sales Portal

  • Profile Management

  • Online Form / Application Management

  • Member Management

  • Customer Support

  • Student Management

Request A Trial of The Portal Connector

Customer Service Web Portal

Are you looking to improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff?

Has the change to remote workers disrupted your business operations?

Are you taking advantage of the latest Cloud Computing Solutions and Services?

Improve your customer service with The Portal Connector

With The Portal Connector for Dynamics 365 you are able to deliver a flexible, feature rich Portal Experience for your organization.

Seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and a secure, customizable Online Portal means you can provide more effective Customer Service - faster!

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