Integrating your Business Applications with CRM

Dynamics CRM is a flexible and powerful platform that integrates successfully with your entire suite of business applications.  Connecting with your ERP, Inventory Control, Web and custom Applications, CRM can become the central hub for your business. 

Integration allows you to use one central application, without switching back and forth to get information from other applications.  This process improves efficiency and saves time. Following are some examples that highlight the power of integration and the impact this can have on your business processes. 

CRM Integration with Accounting / ERP Business Applications

There are many opportunities for integrating your CRM and accounting applications. 

  • Would your sales team benefit from seeing previous purchases, payment history and product/service history?  Would this information help them serve customers better and find new avenues for sales opportunities?  Would this information help them serve the clients more quickly, and with accurate knowledge?
  • Would your customer service team be able to respond quickly and appropriately when they have the full order and payment history of the customer in one portal? 
  • Having billing information integrated with other client details, provides management the opportunity to report on a variety of different aspects of the customer and to produce powerful insights for business development and customer service.

The options for bringing accounting information into your CRM are dictated by your business and your business processes.  Identifying these elements may appear to be overwhelming - we will work with you to identify the information to benefit your business.

CRM Integration with Website / Web Applications

Many businesses have online applications and use the web to communicate with clients.  It is important that all interactions with clients are captured in one central place for a complete picture.  Here are some examples:

  • Registrations for events can be completed online and all of the event details captured in CRM.  Also, CRM can be used to populate the event details offered online.  So one application can take care of both instances and reduce duplication of data management.
  • The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 is a powerful, drag and drop solution that you and your customers can use to interact with CRM data through a web portal.  Visit The Portal Connector website for more details.  

CRM Integration with Inventory Control Business Applications

If your business produces, distributes or sells products, keeping track of those products is critical to your success.  Knowing how many are made, ordered, shipped and paid for is fundamental to your business success.

Managing the input and reporting of this information in one application is immensely powerful.

  • Errors are reduced and accuracy improved when one central application is used for data entry.
  • Efficiency is improved when staff only have to use one application for managing all aspects of the product and end customer.  Learning and using one system will lead to improved productivity since users aren’t switching between different applications.
  • Improve your sales and customer service operations through quick response to questions/issues as the complete picture is available in one place.
  • Increase revenue by using the integrated information to analyze the customer, their ordering, along with other aspects of their business, to proactively approach the sales process. 

CRM Integration with 3rd Party Business Applications

Your business may demand the need for a third party or custom application to manage product development, production, billing, time management, service hours or other specific needs.  While that application brings value to your business, being able to tap into key pieces of information from that application may bring additional valuable insights into your business. 

Consider for example, a sports venue or sports team that uses Ticket Master for ticket sales.  Being able to tap into the rich source of information about the market and customers would be extremely valuable.  The raw data alone may not provide much insight, but combining this with your own CRM of information, and reporting on an individual or collective basis can provide powerful insights.

Scribe - The Integration Tool

The engine behind successful integration is Scribe Insights.  Scribe allows your applications to communicate and share information while adhering to rules of security that are coded specifically for your business needs. 

Data Security

Are you concerned about data security and integrity?  We are too!  As with many other business applications, establishing appropriate levels of security and access to information is critical to the security and privacy of the information you collect.  All manner of information gathered through or stored within CRM is subject to security, and permissions are set for who can read, write, edit and delete.  Information is only exposed to those that are authorized to view it.

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