Commercial software for Content Management VS Open Source 

What things should you consider when choosing between a Commercial Content Management System and an Open Source Product?

Commercial Software will work best for your business if the following three areas are important to you:


Is ensuring your site is up 24/7 and getting immediate and swift support in case of outages essential to your business?
Commercial solutions, with reliable partners, tend to have faster and more robust support.

Systems Integration

Do you have any additional systems you need to integrate with your website?
Commercial API’s and web services tend to be better documented and more thoroughly tested.
Commercial vendors will commit to providing updates as third party systems are upgraded.


Is the roadmap for future development and enhancement of your CMS important to you?
By design, open source solutions are not cohesive platforms and grow organically.
Open source solutions may change direction depending on the interests of the development community.

Open Source solutions

  • Can be inexpensive and easy to use if you need relatively simple out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Can be highly flexible and completely customized IF you have the development skills and budget available. does not support Open Source Solutions.  Our professional web developers have advanced skills using Progress Sitefinity CMS as a platform to build complex website solutions for businesses.

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