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Dynamics 365 Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is at the heart of Business Application Solutions we use to solve customers data management challenges.

Microsoft has invested heavily in the Dynamics Platform to address all aspects of business data management.  It's secure and integrates with other Microsoft Products and Apps to provide a seamless and powerful set of workplace tools.

Web Portals for Customer Service

Harness the power of a Web Portal that connects your customers with their data 24/7.

An effective web portal will help your business:

  • Increase Customer Acquisition and Retention

  • Streamline your Product and Service Delivery

  • Improve your Operational Efficiency

Industry Expertise

SylogistService has developed expertise delivering effective customer and data management solutions to:​

Healthcare Services organizations

Associations and member-based organizations

Professional Sports Organizations

Effective Project Management

If you are considering implementing or upgrading your Business Application Solutions, they key to a successful project is effective management practices.

SylogistService has effective project management practices and experienced professionals to ensure the process and outcome are successful.

"Our CRM project ran smoothly.  SylogistService staff really care about their work and customers". Customer Survey Response

Business Application Solutions

Are the systems you use to manage your data all connected?

Can you monitor and report on all of the key data to run your business effectively?

How would your business improve if you could integrate all of your key business data?

Your Bottom Line would Improve!

Increased revenue, decreased costs, and greater value provided to your customers - that's how.

We solve complex business problems with Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions.

Ready to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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