Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Every business needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Plan so that when (not if) you are attacked, you can take action and mitigate the impact of data loss.  

Backup and storage needs differ from business to business, and “one size fits all” is certainly not an effective approach.  A well thought out plan of action is required. Here are some points to consider:

Volume of Data
Volume of Data:
As your business grows, you’re inevitably going to collect and store more data. Therefore, consider the future growth of your business and plan your backup space accordingly.

Number of Office or Storage Locations
Number of Office/Storage Locations:
Will you choose to host your offsite data at a second location or office?

All backup solutions are an investment for your business. Some include higher capital expenditures than others – but all can save your business from costly data loss and are undeniably a worthy investment.

Resources and Time Commitment
Resources/Time Commitment:
All backups should be monitored and tested regularly. Keeping an eye on data storage capacity and testing file restore are important tasks.

Time to Recovery
Time to Recovery:
Data restoration can be slower depending on which backup solution you are using.

Internet Connection
Internet Connection:
Your internet connection must be able to support your BDR needs (volume of data being backed up offsite vs “your pipe”).

At the end of the day, there is no 100% fool-proof solution to prevent a cyberattack, technical malfunction or natural disaster from occurring. Ransomware is a real threat to business today with hackers that are very talented at disguising their attacks, so your employees can very easily mistake a malicious attack for an innocent request from a trusted friend.

A Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan will serve to protect your data, mitigate the cost and impact associated with data loss, and ensure downtime doesn’t compromise your company.

 pavliks-logo-original specializes in Backup Solutions that are effective and have you covered, so you can rest easy at night. We can help map out a robust plan and ensure the best data protection solution for your business.

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