​Association and Member Management

pavliks.com has delivered effective solutions to Associations and Member-Based Organizations, like the National Hockey League Players' Association, Ontario Hospital Association, Ontario Provincial Police Association, 24 Hour Fitness and Goodlife Fitness.

Our experience working with Associations and Member based organizations provides us with the foundation to build Association Management Solutions that deliver Value.  The structure of the Solution and process to get the Solution are what makes us a great choice for the clients we serve.

The Foundation for a successful Association Management Solution lies with the 3 P’s!

The 3 P's for Association Management:

1. Platform for your Solution


Platform for Association Management

2. Pillars that form the Backbone of your Solution

Pillars of Association Management

3. Portal that delivers value to your Members and Constituents

Portal for Association Management

Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 is an excellent platform for managing member and constituent data.  It comes with basic contact management capabilities and can be customized to meet the demands of an Association or Membership Management Organization.

Organizations like the National Hockey League Players’ Association, Ontario Hospital Association and Ontario Provincial Police Association rely on Dynamics CRM to keep their membership engaged, informed and current with their member benefits.

Why Associations need to Invest in Technology

In our experience there are 5 Key Pillars that form the backbone of Association Management Solutions. 

Your organization may need them all or a portion of them. We are able to deliver a solution that will meet the specific business processes you have for each of these Pillars.

Show me the 5 Pillars of an effective Association Management Solution

Satisfying your membership is critical for any Association.  Being able to deliver your membership services, member benefits, education, events and committee communication requires a Web Portal.

Associations benefit from a web portal solution that integrates directly with their Association Management Platform.  In this case, we offer The Portal Connector for Dynamics CRM that integrates in real time with Dynamics CRM.

Your members have Anytime Access 24/7 without requiring your front office or finance staff to access their information, their benefits and your services.  A Web Portal will enhance member satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

pavliks.com as the 4th P for your Association Management Solution

Software Products are merely tools to deliver valuable SOLUTIONS for Associations.

A consultative approach ensures your concerns are being heard and solutions are being discussed.  The technology delivers the solutions to your association.

Our 3 Step Approach to Association Management Solutions:

  1. BE HEARD,  ensure that your concerns and pains are being heard by your solutions provider, not told to you.
  2. CREATE SOLUTIONS,  discuss the processes that will resolve your business concerns with an experienced Business Analyst.
  3. SUPPORTIVE TECHNOLOGY,  using reliable technology platforms, your solution comes together to meet your needs.

Packaged Solutions can’t resolve the concerns that you have or address all of the processes that your association uses to function efficiently.  So why compromise on an Association Management Solution that will not strengthen your association?

Don’t Compromise.

Get the Right Association Management Solution for your organization.

Start the 3 Step Approach to an effective Association Management Solution


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