Free Consultation for an effective Association Management Solution

You know all about the daily activities that bog down or stall progress in an Association. Strategic and Business Plans drive change and progress, but how do you move the needle on getting more done without increasing resources or demanding more productivity from your busy staff? Meeting the association objectives, means being more efficient with what you have.

For many, defining the processes that drive the business of your association and automating these processes is the driving force to progress, and allows your staff resources to focus on delivering value to your members instead of executing on tasks.

Step 1 in our 3 Step Process in focused on understanding and Mapping the Processes for your Association.

Through guided consultation we review the critical processes in your association and the current execution. We discuss the ideal scenario and based on our past experiences and knowledge, present ideas for improving process efficiencies through the application of current technology. We will address automation and digital experiences that may be new ideas for your association.

Following the Free Consultation, we will prepare a Process Summary with high level recommendations that could be implemented to improve the efficiency of your processes.

*note, the free consultation requires time and effort for both the association and A prequalifying discussion with determine if the consultation will bring value for the association.

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