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Attracting and holding onto members should be a priority for any association. To do this, you should make sure your association is offering value to its members. An excellent way of doing this is by offering or assisting with education programs that will benefit them. Our world continues to change and we need to find ways of keeping up. One way of keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry is through continued education. Further learning can also make you more competitive and more motivated in your job.

For a lot of associations, the process of providing access to further learning can be a bit dated. Most of us are technologically savvy enough by now to access online learning resources rather than having to pick up a hard copy program brochure, fill in a paper form and post it off with a check to sign up. Instead, a much more convenient way is through an association portal.

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Education Management for Associations

The benefits of continued education to your members

Access to industry information
Programs accessed through a learning management system can be essential for certain industries. Take for example, the medical profession where it is expected doctors will continue updating their skills and knowledge. Medical science doesn’t stand still and so it’s vital for medical associations to be able to provide access to the latest industry information. This often takes the form of seminars and conferences at various points in the year. If information regarding these opportunities is only being broadcast narrowly, say, via an email list which may not be up to date, then members can miss out. 

Continued career development
Certain organizations like to promote a continued learning model where employees are encouraged to study and take exams in areas that will assist them in their current role or help them secure a role that is higher up the career ladder. For example, many financial institutions run programs that help their staff become certified in relevant areas such as accountancy. 

Access to resources for daily work
The ability to provide members with anytime, anywhere access to official and validated information and resources can be a huge incentive for members to remain part of an association. Especially in the Internet Age – where information cannot always be trusted – being a member of an association, you can be confident that the information you are getting is up to date and trustworthy.

As part of any job, who you know and get to know is a vital part of career progression. Being part of an association magnifies this notion tenfold. As a member, you get access to senior members of your profession or leading figures in your industry to learn from, to meet, and form connections with. But it means you need to know when the conferences and speaking tours are on. And you need a place to find everything and connect with others online.

For many associations, however, the administrative side of education programs can be confusing for both members and your employees. For instance, there can be uncertainty about when new courses and certification will be made available, who is eligible for which programs, when they begin, details on balancing training with regular work, etc. What’s more, there is the potential for people to miss out on such learning opportunities if they’re only made available via email or, worse, by post. 

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The importance of education management

It may be the case that your association already offers educational programs but your members are not availing of the opportunities. Your focus needs to be on education management. How you manage your education programs will differ depending on your industry, the size of your organization. However, it likely consists of several areas such as: 

  • Continued Education
  • Certification
  • Managing credits
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Tracking results from courses

The problem is corporate training departments can lack the resources to satisfy demand. Affiliated associations can take on and extend the corporate training. In this case, associations must be able to provide members with a way to monitor their progress, provide records of their training history and copies of their certifications. This will obviously require an interactive hub where members can go for updates and information.

Without a central hub, the administration involved would be awkward and inflexible. And what happens if there is an unplanned change in scheduling? More dated methods are less easy to manage.

A modern portal is the solution

Satisfying your membership is critical for any association. Being able to deliver your membership services, whether it may be member benefits, education, events, and committee communication requires a sophisticated web portal. A portal can provide:

  • Data related to your members
  • Data Integration with your Association Management Solution
  • Real time information for your members and your operations
  • Members have anytime access, 24/7, without requiring your front office staff’s Web Portal is a great solution when it comes to your association’s education management. Through the portal your members will be able to register for programs, and access relevant training and education information. They can log in to see their program progress, request certificates, and correspond with other members. And this way they’ll really value their membership and remain members well into the future. 

Ultimately, by modernizing your association’s educations management capabilities, you boost attendance at courses, improve ROI and can gather feedback. To learn why leading membership associations are upgrading their management tools, and to learn how you can do this practically, download our exclusive whitepaper today.

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