How to Manage your Association using 5 Pillars! 

In our experience, there are 5 Key Pillars that form the backbone of Association Management Solutions.

Your organization may need them all or a portion of them. We are able to deliver a Solution that will meet the specific business processes you have for each of these Pillars.

5 Pillars of Association Management

Pillars that form the Backbone of your Association Management Solution:

Membership Management AMS

1.  Membership Management

A Membership Management Solution for an Association captures the Profile information for each member or constituent, track membership types and member status.  If your organization has renewals, we can structure Annual and Anniversary date renewals.  Members can transition between member types, and hold more than one membership type or role.

Financial Management AMS

2.  Financial Management

A Financial Management Solution for an Association deals with recording, calculating and transacting fees, discounts and renewals.  You can also manage contracts from basic to very complex, like Collective Bargaining Agreements.  Calculating pro-rated fees and dues is often a time consuming manual process that can be automated with a solution.

Education Management AMS

3.  Education Management

An Education Management Solution for an Association tracks certification requirements you have and programs that you offer.  We can provide a solution that tracks courses, results from the course and manages course credits. You may already have a third party LMS, that can be integrated into your solution, so all information is consolidated into one platform.

Event Management AMS

4.  Event Management

An Event Management Solution for an Association has many facets and constituents.  From Annual Conferences, AGM’s, Board and Committee Meetings, there are a lot of things going on.  You need a solution that can manage all the pieces individually, while providing event level management for Registrations, Logistics (like venue, housing and meals) and Event Sponsorship including Exhibitors.  We can provide a solution that handles all of these aspects of any event type.

Committee Management AMS

5.  Committee Management

A Committee Management Solution is a special and unique structure in an Association or Member Based organization.  While there are many common forms and timelines, most associations have unique constituent communication needs, and the structure around organizing and tracking membership into committees is, well, unique.  We can get to the heart of how your organization is structured, so keeping track of the many Member Roles, Committee Types, Voting Members, Voting Regions, and Chapters is efficient.

Get the Right Association Management Solution for your Organization

Software Products are merely tools to deliver valuable SOLUTIONS for Associations.

A consultative approach ensures your concerns are being heard and solutions are being discussed.  The technology delivers the solutions to your association.

Our 3 Step Approach to Association Management Solutions:

  1. BE HEARD,  ensure that your concerns and pains are being heard by your solutions provider, not told to you.
  2. CREATE SOLUTIONS,  discuss the processes that will resolve your business concerns with an experienced Business Analyst.
  3. SUPPORTIVE TECHNOLOGY,  using reliable technology platforms, your solution comes together to meet your needs.

Packaged Solutions can’t resolve the concerns that you have or address all of the processes that your association uses to function efficiently.  So why compromise on an Association Management Solution that will not strengthen your association?

Don’t Compromise.

Get the Right Association Management Solution for your organization.


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