TEC Canada Member Story: Ian Pavlik

Ian Pavlik, president of pavliks.com, is a member of TEC Canada. Read his member story here.

By: Ian Pavlik |Aug 06, 2019
Ian Pavlik climbing Kili


In Ian’s earlier days, he was a professional ski racer traveling the world 10 months of the year training and racing in Europe, North and South America. When he retired from ski racing in 1991, Ian took over his father’s business and transformed it from a marketing and advertising agency to an information technology firm. In 1996, Ian rebranded the company to pavliks.com.

Ian has volunteered with Special Olympics for more than 25 years as an Alpine Skiing Coach. He has coached at the local and international level including Head Coach of the 2005 Special Olympics Canada Alpine Team at the World Games in Nagano, Japan. Ian is also heavily involved in Rotary, and has been a member since 1997 and President of the Rotary Club of Barrie in 2012.


The Pavlik family proudly celebrates 50 years in business in 2019. They have 50 employees located in their office in Barrie, Ontario and another 15 contractors working remotely. They have a global customer base, located in more than 20 countries.

pavliks.com is an IT company that focuses on these areas:
  • Business Application Solutions providing mid to large business across North America with custom built software applications that provide insight into critical business data.
  • IT Support Services that deliver advanced computer network security and Cloud productivity solutions.
  • The Portal Connector, a web portal software product created by pavliks.com and sold to business around the Globe under the name and brand The Portal Connector.


“I joined TEC to help me grow as a leader. I saw our company was on the verge of substantial growth, and if I did not grow personally, the company would be headed for some difficult times,” said Ian Pavlik. “Being from a family run business I realized I also needed some external input into how we dealt with the challenges we faced. Having leaders of other large organizations as trusted peers gave me confidence and comfort they would point out, ahead of time, where I might trip up.”

“I also realized others are going through similar challenges as me,” said Ian, “this makes me feel that I’m not alone. And when I am able to provide help and support to one of my TEC colleagues, it reinforces my confidence as a leader and it is very satisfying.”


“Over the last nine years TEC has helped me get through some major business hurdles. It has helped me navigate the handover of the business from my father to myself and with directing large strategic contract negotiations. It has also played a large role in making major structural changes to our organization like adding a controller and taking day to day control away from ownerships hands.” said Ian. “Without their support and encouragement I doubt we would have taken on some of the growth opportunities. We would have struggled with making decisions quick enough and likely would have let the ‘family owned and run’ culture stifle us.”

“TEC has made me a much more confident leader and allowed me to learn and grow far quicker and easier than trying to teach myself or learn through books.”

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