Spring 2019 Ping Pong Tournament Champions

pavliks.com Spring 2019 Doubles Ping Pong Tournament

By: Christa Pavlik |Jun 19, 2019
We've been at it again ! Another pavliks.com Ping Pong Tournament has just wrapped up - Spring 2019 Doubles Edition.

Many exciting games were took place over the past few weeks, leading up to the final game to determine which team would receive the trophy. On Wednesday May 15th, the final game was played: Rick and Creig vs. Alex and Steve V. 

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 Ping Pong Champions Rick and Creig, to Alex and Steve V. for making it to the final game, and to all pavliks.com staff who participated and showed some cheer at the final game.

Our games room is a popular spot for employees throughout the work day to take a break and have some fun. Tournaments bring an added level of excitement, teamwork and friendly competition among coworkers. We are already looking forward to the next one!

Spring 2019 Ping Pong Champions 

Spring 2019 Ping Pong Champions, Rick and Creig

Spring 2019 Ping Pong Finalists

Finalists Alex and Steve V, with Champions Rick and Creig

Spring 2019 Final Game Action Shots

Action Shots from the Spring 2019 Ping Pong Tournament Final Game

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