The Pavlik Family is proud to be celebrating 50 Years in Business

April 3, 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Pavlik Family Business.

By: Ian Pavlik |Mar 14, 2019 Company Picture, March 2019

Wilma and Flory Pavlik started the Pavlik family business on April 3, 1969.

“The entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of our family. From the beginnings in Flory and Wilma’s home, to Christa and I growing up as kids surrounded by the business, to today transforming the business into an international technology firm.” Ian Pavlik, President.

FPA (Flory Pavlik and Associates) was a Marketing and Advertising Firm which operated from 1969 to 1996. The company adopted the current technologies of the day, and eventually changed into an IT Support and Software Development company.  The incorporation of in 1996, brought Ian and Christa Pavlik (children of Wilma and Flory) into the business.  Today, they own and operate

“Every business has core reasons for why it has been successful, and our success is due to people.” Ian Pavlik, President

Staff – I am immensely proud of the amazing Staff we have at Their dedication to providing value to our Clients, learning new technology and fostering a positive, diverse and fun working environment makes coming to work a joy each day.  With over 50 people on staff today, we are able to help more businesses than ever before.

Clients – Our wonderful Clients who trust us and allow us to deliver creative and effective solutions that have a measurable impact on their business. Seeing the results and hearing the impact we deliver, excites our Team and pushes us to constantly improve and evolve.

Partners – Having industry leading Partners and Vendors gives us ( and our Clients) access to innovative products and technologies.  It is the great people at our Partners and Vendors who work with us daily to bring the right solutions to fruition, so our collective Clients can be amazed.

Barrie is Our Community

While today about 60% of our Clients are outside of the Barrie area and spread around the world, our roots are here in our local community. We could not and would not have thrived and survived if not for the support of the people and businesses in the region. That is why we have remained committed to being involved and engaged in the community since the beginning. Learn more about 50 years of Community Engagement by the Pavlik Family and

Corporate History

We have prepared a visual representation of how the Pavlik Family business has grown and evolved over the years.  You can learn more about our 50 Years in Business by clicking here.

This Day In 1969

Have you also heard about our tribute to 1969?  Check out “This Day in 1969” where we take a daily dip into what was happening in Barrie, Canada and The World in 1969.  The information touches on interesting, funny and obscure. 

This Day in 1969
Ian Pavlik, President

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