Dynamics 365 Position Paper

By: Ian Pavlik |Dec 16, 2016

Executive Overview

At pavliks.com we believe that Microsoft has the right technology and the right skill set to successfully execute on a goal of one unified platform for both CRM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system).  We feel Microsoft may have been too eager to introduce the Dynamics 365 brand and "hobbled together" license packages, but in the end it is the right direction for the technology.

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The prospect of a fully integrated CRM and ERP system out of the box is enticing.  With the initial release of Dynamics 365 this goal has not been met adequately, but over time we are confident it will be achieved.

Our recommendation is that Customers on Dynamics CRM On-Premise consider Dynamics 365 when it makes sense to move their CRM solution to the Cloud.  Data residency issues are less of a concern for Canadian Customers with the 2 new Canadian data centers opened in the summer of 2016.

There are a number of nice new features that enhance the user experience, like editable grids and improved email tracking.  It should be noted that while there is no official statement from Microsoft that the on-premise version of Dynamics 365 will cease to exist, it is clear that the focus of Microsoft is on its Cloud version of Dynamics 365.  Generally speaking, the plan is for Microsoft to release 1 new on-premise version per year and as many as 4+ version updates to Dynamics 365 online.  We will start to see greater and greater differences between the on-premise and online versions going forward.

The purpose of our position paper is not to explain the details on what Dynamics 365 is or how the licensing structure works.  The purpose is to provide our perspective on this new offering from Microsoft.  We strongly recommend you learn about the new licensing structure.  Let us know if you wish to discuss this further and learn how you will transition to the new product SKU's.

Customers should take note of the changes in pricing and licensing options.  On the renewal date of their license agreement Customers will need to transition to the new license structure.  There are transition SKU options and pricing that will soften the impact of the increased cost.  These transition prices will last for 3 years.

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