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Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital

Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

Company Profile

Over the past 100 years Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH) has earned a reputation for being a leader in community healthcare services. An outstanding team of physicians, staff and volunteers provide a comprehensive range of surgical, inpatient and outpatient services. 

In 2008, OSMH not only celebrated its 100th anniversary, but also marked completion of the largest redevelopment project in the hospital’s history that resulted in the addition of a six-storey community tower, allowing the hospital to add services and increase bed capacity.

For over a century their healthcare team has been acknowledged and respected for providing exceptional care and service to their patients.


Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s Community Relations department recognized the value of having a website that keeps the community well informed of the programs and services that are vital to the success of the hospital.  However, keeping the website up-to-date was becoming a challenge.  OSMH had a website built on technology that was no longer current, and the Community Relations department was reliant on the IT department to manage the content of their website and process the required updates.   The Community Relations department recognized the need to gain more control over the content of the website and make updates and changes within their department.

Connecting with the community, both internally and externally, in an effective and meaningful way was identified as a priority for OSMH.  OSMH is governed by a Board of Directors, and they needed a centralized way to communicate and share important information.  In addition to the Board of Directors, the hospital wanted a reliable and secure way for volunteers and prospective employees to submit their applications/resumes online. 

Like many non-profit organizations, OSMH relies on the financial generosity of the community to keep services and programs running.  OSMH needed to ensure that there was a secure option available for people to make online donations.

Last, but not least, OSMH wanted a new design for their website that would speak to the culture and image of one of the premier hospitals in the Simcoe Country region.

Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital Homepage


The Community Relations department at OSMH wanted to use a Technology Company that they could count on to meet their needs.  Having worked with on Hardware and Software projects, they chose to engage them for this critical project.

To meet the most emergent issue of gaining control of their website content, recommended OSMH use Sitefinity CMS as their Content Management System.  Sitefinity CMS is built on current Microsoft.NET technology and allows non-technical users to make updates to web pages in a Microsoft Word-like content editor.  This allows the Community Relations staff at OSMH to make necessary changes within a timeframe that they decide on.  OSMH has further control over the content of the website through security features that determine who can access and update pages.  Each page has its own security access settings.

To allow the community to interact with OSMH in a meaningful way, built custom forms to facilitate the stated needs of OSMH.  Prospective employees can enter information into an online form and submit their resume for employment consideration.  Volunteers can use an online form to indicate their interests in volunteering and provide the hospital with important information to proceed with the volunteer intake process.

By using secure intranet capabilities inherent in Sitefinity CMS, a page was created for the Board of Directors to access meeting notes, resources and other important information.  This has increased the communication capabilities of OSMH in serving the Board of Directors.  The security of this intranet is critical as the Board of Directors deal with sensitive and confidential information.  Members can access this page through a secure login process 24 hours a day.

Having online donation capabilities was very important to OSMH.  A link to Canada Helps ensures that online donations can be accessed through the OSMH website, and the donor is referred to a secure donation specific website to make their contribution.

Integra Graphic Design Studio worked with OSMH to develop a new look for the website.  Once the new look was developed the design was handed off to for development into the new site.  The result is a professional looking site that provides up-to-date content for the end user.


The greatest benefit to OSMH is the ability for the Community Relations department to manage the content on their website in an effective and efficient manner.  Making changes when they need to, in an easy to use interface has changed the user experience of the OSMH website.  Staff at OSMH can take more ownership of the pages and update them as required, with no additional costs or IT support.  The IT department is no longer responsible for making content changes to the website, and are available to address critical operational activities.  This has improved the overall efficiency of both departments.

Being able to interact with the community means that the public will have more confidence in the Hospital, its programs, services and reputation.

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