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Nudura Integrated Building Technology

Nudura Corporation

Company Profile

Nudura Corporation is a manufacturer of insulated concrete forms (ICF’s). They have manufacturing locations across Canada, Distributors worldwide and a Head Office in Barrie Ontario.


Nudura relies heavily on their website to reach their market.  They had outgrown the website content management system they were using and it was time for a change.   Todd Blyth, Marketing Manager for Nudura, identified the following business challenges that they wanted to overcome with a new website and content management system:

  • CMS that supported current Search Engine Optimization practices
  • Website redesign to allow for a more seamless user experience.
  • Ease in uploading multiple images to the system
  • Easy navigation for CMS updates and drag and drop content editing
  • System that would support gathering marketing measurements such as Google Analytics, tracking landing pages, customer click throughs and page visit statistics
  • Site design that would allow the customer to identify who they are (construction professional or homeowner) and enter a site that would be tailored to their needs
Todd, approached for some options.  The team at worked with Nudura’s requirements to find a solution that would work for them.
Nudura Website

Solution chose Sitefinity as their partner for CMS solutions, as Sitefinity offered the greatest value, with the vast features it includes at such a competitive price point, all within a .NET environment.  In addition to their CMS solution, Sitefinity also provides 24/7 support through a team of reputable developers (Telerik), on-line documentation and “how to” videos, and road map for future release.

When presented Todd with a demo of the Sitefinity product, he quickly saw that this robust content management system (CMS) would provide the platform and flexibility to meet the needs of Nudura and allow for future growth.  The following features were of particular interest to this business:

  • Built in intranet and extranet; this would allow distributors all across Canada to have access to pertinent materials and information
  • Polls feature; to be utilized by distributors and customers to identify current needs and trends
  • Content updates; drag and drop imaging presented an easy and effective way to manage content; automatic calendaring to view events; photo gallery options allowed for uploading of many images and presentation options that were interactive.
  • Web statistics and url’s were easily tracked via analytics software and page views were easily identifiable.  As well, an administration feature was available that allowed for easy set up of metatags.
Once the new website design was completed, with the features that Nudura felt were important, Todd received 3 hours of training over 2 sessions to get him up and running with the new website.


Nudura now has a website that is tailored to the unique customer groups that visit their site, with information that is pertinent and relevant.  Todd has a CMS solution that works the way he does. With drag and drop functionality, and photo gallery options, he can easily present the information to his customers in an interactive way.  The ease of tracking website statistics in Google Analytics means he can keep the website current and relevant to the people that are using it.
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